WebYoung Chloe Cherry & Jane Wilde Untouched hot lesbian sex 2018 HD .

WebYoung Chloe Cherry & Jane Wilde

WebYoung Chloe Cherry & Jane Wilde Untouched hot lesbian sex 2018 HD .

Jane Wilde is in her room reading when she hears a knock at the door.
Chloe Cherry walks in and introduces herself as the new roommate.
Jayne jumps to her feet and hugs her and they sit back on the bed and talk about school.
When Chloe confesses to being overwhelmed at being an only child and not being used to being around so many people, Jayne reassures her that she’ll grow to love it after all, it is college!
When Chloe leaves Jayne’s room to continue unpacking, Jayne feels like she just won the lottery.
Chloe Cherry is smoking-hot and she just can’t believe it!
She decides to take a bath to cool off but can’t stop thinking about Chloe.
She starts masturbating in the bathtub while she fingers her pussy.
When Chloe walks in, she can’t believe her eyes.
She makes sure to back up a few paces to not make her presence known.
When she finds herself getting turned on, she jumps on the bed and starts playing with herself.
She lets out a huge moan as she cums all over the bed.
What she doesn’t realize is that Jayne can hear her from the bath and when she gets up to have a look, she catches Chloe in the act.
Chloe Cherry is really embarrassed but Jayne doesn’t see what the big deal is until she finds out that Chloe has never does this before.
When she realizes Chloe’s a virgin, she feels the need to take it upon herself to show Chloe the ropes.
In fact, it’ll be her pleasure!
They masturbate and then enjoy mutual cunnilingus, rimming, face sitting, 69 and tribbing.

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