The Preachers Daughter new pornmovies 2016 full HD 1080p


The Preachers Daughter new pornmovies 2016 full HD 1080p

Watch now a very good new pornmovies 2016 full HD 1080p named The Preachers Daughter , genre taboo sex .
Part coming of age tale, part intense drama.
Mia plays the preacher’s daughter excellently, while her “dad” Brad watches over her shoulder as a “bad boy” (Corvus) enters her life.
Her mother (Alexis), tries to be neutral, but you can only be so neutral when you are a hottie in a porn movie and there’s a plot this well written.

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The Preachers Daughter Scene 1: Blair Williams & Mia Malkova

This is a hot, intimate, lesbian scene where Marissa’s friend Sandy teaches her how to kiss after hearing about her meeting Billy, the bad boy.
Apparently the right way to kiss is to do it softly and follow it with some tonguing while looking totally hot in your little jean shorts.
Sandy fingers her friend while lapping furiously as the two maintain eye contact.
Not being familiar with Blair, I assume the southern accent is part of the act and the act is great.
Our little girl who has never really kissed a guy before seems to know how to lick some pussy, as she drives Sandy crazy with her tongue and fingers.
These two bottled blondes are incredibly hot together.
The fact that they fuck each other so well is just one step in the right direction.
The fact they do it in character, in a superbly shot scene, and seemingly have a fantastic time doing it adds a whole different level of awesomeness.
Another plus is the staging. It’s a perfectly dressed “Preachers daughter” type of room; no stark white anything.
Green sheets and flowers and a thrift store lamp all add to the authenticity. Great frikkin’ scene.

The Preachers Daughter Scene 2: Mia Malkova

Marissa recalls her earlier encounter while lying in bed wearing a grey “onesie”.
Soft guitar music plays in the background as she rubs one out while flashbacks are shown.
It’s short and sweet.

The Preachers Daughter Scene 3: Mia Malkova & Xander Corvus

Billy and Marissa are down at the creek and apparently Marissa’s sexual skills have become top-notch in the last day.
The pair start softly in a great visual location.
Brad’s attention to foreground placement is key here as Billy goes down on Marissa.
The shallow Depth of Field matches that precision as she returns the favor.
She sucks cock and nuzzles nuts like a seasoned pro as the two smile and kiss softly often.
The eye contact is amazing and the scene sizzles with sex appeal.
This is obviously not one dude with a camera filming the lovemaking in real time.
Edits between close/mid and wide shots are interspersed seamlessly, getting us a real sense of just how much these two are enjoying their time together.
Billy makes love to Marissa “all proper like” and then he takes some time to thrust harder and methodically into her in spoon so he can blow a proper load all over her patch.

The Preachers Daughter Scene 4: Alexis Fawx & Brad Armstrong

The preacher and his wife get it on in another well-dressed bedroom.
He might be a “man of God” but he knows how to two-fingerfuck his woman.
She’s obviously into it, as you can hear her juices sloshing as he fingers her.
She’s obviously sucked some dick before, as she makes great eye contact while rubbing his balls and going to town.
Her ass looks phenomenal in the wide shots from the side.
She may tend to the garden outside, but she also pays attention to her own garden, her snatch shaved into an excellent landing strip; and Preacherman definitely does some landing.
She rides her man expertly, the brass headboard banging as her ass pumps up and down.
That’s not enough for Preacherman tonight.

He flips her over roughly and fucks the crap out of her in doggie as she watches his face, surprised by this turn of events.
She’s whimpering and panting by the time he pulls out to blow a load all over her back and ass.
From soft and sensual to totally intense.

Scene 5: Jessa Rhodes & Xander Corvus

Billy shows up at the diner his ex is working at, and decides to get busy with Trina since she’s closing up alone.
She may be a small town girl, but she’s sporting a killer looking high end bra as she slobbers all over his cock.
The lighting and shadows are fantastic as he eats her from behind while she leans on the counter.
Trina’s legs are long as she puts one up on that counter to get fucked from behind.
This isn’t the lovemaking he had with Marissa, he’s here to bone this bitch hard.
That idea is cool with Trina, as she just lets him ram her however he wants as she sits on the counter stool.
Her ass and tramp stamp are captured well as she climbs on him while he sits on the stool and smacks her ass as she fucks him.
These two go through so many positions and bang so hard it’s incredible.
The ketchup bottles down the counter, and the coffee in the pot, actually move as they pound into each other.
He pops so hard most of it hits the diner floor, but Trina manages to get some in her mouth.

Scene 6: Mia Malkova & Xander Corvus

Marissa wants to learn some things and Billy teaches her, in the middle of an oil field.
Her derriere looks great against the backdrop of the oil pumps working in the background as Billy fingers her snatch.
She’s a quick study as Billy puts his balls and cock in her mouth while she lies on the truck tailgate.
The chemistry is hot as he fucks her leaning into the bed of the truck.
The cinematography is amazing as she sits atop and the two trade thrusts.
Billy even teaches her to spin from cowgirl to reverse without coming off and encourages her to play with her pussy while she bounces.
He proceeds to just drill his student hard.
It’s a hot scene and Mia and Xander excel at the sexual aspects of it all.
He pummels her pussy with his cock and she’s eager to learn how to swallow a load and get it blown on her pretty face.

Scene 7: Mercedes Carrera & Brad Armstrong

The Preacher and Lana have a little pow-wow in her motorhome that’s parked in the middle of nowhere.
He wants to fight the urge, but between her tits and her dirty talk he gives in to the temptress.
She starts him off with some mellow BJ action, but soon enough he has his fingers in her crotch and then proceeds to throat fuck her a bit.
Since she is a professional whore, that means she knows it’s time to sit on his cock and ride while talking dirty and fingering her ass hole.
I can’t tell if Brad’s character is showing guilt, or if he got too much sun during filming but his face is red and he looks like he might stroke out as he hammers her hole.
Mercedes plays the prostitute really well, moaning on cue and such.
Then, she invites him to stick it right in her ass and coaxes him into her backdoor.
She looks phenomenal as he penetrates her rear while she talks dirty and ass rides his cock.
She looks even better squatting for a big, white load all over her face and in her eye.
She takes it like a smiling pro.
Good work here by her, for sure.
Her dialog is natural, but obviously scripted.
Mercedes dominates this scene!

Scene 8: Mercedes Carrera & Xander Corvus

Billy has Lana come over to service him.
She slaps his dick on her face while she licks it, strokes it, and spits on it at his request.
He’s paying by the hour, so he fucks her face and presses her head to see how far she can take his cock.
Once it’s all slobbery, he takes some time to fuck her tits. He even licks her slit and fingers her.
I’m not sure that’s common practice with prostitutes, but I’ll go with it.
She’s into it as he fucks her, her nipples stand erect and her hole is wet as he keeps slipping out.
He bangs the shit out of this babe, and it’s hard to tell if she’s in character as a hooker or really just likes the way she’s getting fucked.
Either way, again, her role in this flick is well deserved.
Her round ass jiggles wildly as she rides him, her upturned nipples looking good.
I can’t even tell you if this is two people in character or two people enjoying the fuck session.
It really is that good. She rides like a rodeo queen and drops for the pop, which goes pretty much everywhere.
It’s a really hot fuck scene, and the lighting is warm and the camerawork is good.

Date: November 30, 2016

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