The Lovers Guide Igniting Desire full HD 1080p .


The Lovers Guide Igniting Desire full HD 1080p .

The Lovers Guide is a sex and relationships advice brand, produced by Lifetime Productions International Ltd, which launched with the release of the first Lovers Guide video in 1991.

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Presented by the sexologist Dr Andrew Stanway, and produced by Robert Page and William Campbell, this became the only non-fiction film to top the UK video charts; it sold 1.3 million copies in the UK and went into 13 languages and 22 countries around the world.
The release caused controversy.
The Lovers Guide is the latest in the best selling series of sex education porn movie that help to educate consenting adults in the pleasures of love making.
By imparting knowledge of how the body works along with how to stimulate your partners desires by being attentive to their needs, showing you specific techniques and maintaining a clear open approach to the subject matter, the documentary manages to inform and express without the need to be graphic.
By advocating safe sex within a loving relationship and an emphasis on increasing desire and sustaining sex, this educational tool should appeal to those starting out or those already in a stable relationship.

Date: June 20, 2019

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