StrandedTeens Shae Celestine Roadside Sex With Teen Cutie 2017 .


StrandedTeens Shae Celestine Roadside Sex With Teen Cutie 2017 .

Watch now StrandedTeens Shae Celestine Roadside Sex With Teen Cutie a very new porn 2017 full HD 1080p version genre petite teen , big cock , car sex .

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What can I say about Shae Celestine?
She’s not the hottest babe in the world.
She’s not gonna be for everyone.
But something about her just suits me right down to the ground.
Anyway, when we first encounter Shae, she’s quietly leaving a married man’s house.
She sneaks thru the bushes and Sir Galahad happens to be there to offer her a ride.
When she gets in the car, she has to put her panties ON!
And she wants the camera on because she likes the attention!
To return the favor, Shae offers to give the guy a bj.
So, she takes out his dick and sucks it.
After some suckage, Shae jumps in the back and masturbates for our cameraman.
Next, he climbs in the back and they have sex.
First, Shae lies on her back and spreads her legs for the guy.
Next, he lies down in the back seat and Shae sits on his penis, reverse cowgirl style I guess.
Then she spins around and fucks him.
Somewhere in the transition she exposes her tits.
Next, they get out of the car, and he fucks her from behind while they’re both standing.
She drops to her knees and sucks his dick again, POV, then he cums on her face.
Of course, turns out this guy is married, too!

Date: August 5, 2020

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