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S2MBD 055 Ai Uehara Triple Penetration New Pornmovie 2016 HD


S2MBD 055 Ai Uehara Triple Penetration new pornmovie 2016 HD

Watch now a very good new pornmovie 2016 full HD 1080p named S2MBD 055 Ai Uehara Triple Penetration , genre JAV uncensored asian porn .
Ai Uehara in an uncensored anal scene.
In fact, she gets DP’ed!
Title says triple penetration but it really is just DP + blowjob.
All 3 holes filled that’s all.

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Scene 1 –

Starts off with her in lingerie and then showing off her wares. Then she gets her ass fingered for a bit to get loosened up for a dildo.
She cums with a dildo up her ass.

Scene 2 –

She is sitting alone on a mattress in the middle of a room fully dressed.
Then bunch of half dressed dudes show up and start copping a feel.
In fact, they roam all over her body and starts to strip her clothing off.
The bastards!!! 🙂
Then fingering pussy, ass and both at the same time.
The guys figured they’ve pleasured her enough and gets her to go on a group blow job which leads to some pussy teasing and fucking.
They soon shove it up her tight asshole for some good ole anal cleaning.
And cleaning it is coz it’s a dirty anal chute!!!
But these guys couldn’t care less, all they know is hot Japanese girl likes getting dicked in the ass!
Soon DP happens and she goes airtight.
Still wish it’s a real TP but I’ll take it for Ai 😉 They soon cum in mouth, cum in pussy and finally cum in ass.
All 3 orifices creamed!

Scene 3 –

Ai is dressed in a see through kimono like costume.
She proceeds to tease the dude and gives him a hand job to completion.

Scene 4 –

Ai and a dude takes a hot bath.
Lots of playing in the tub which then leads to straight on fucking and a creampie in pussy.