Rocky Emerson Is The Perfect Housewife hardcore sex .

Rocky Emerson Is The Perfect Housewife hardcore sex .

A clean house, long legs, and a perfect housewife who’s ready to serve , Rocky Emerson is every man’s dream.
After cleaning the kitchen her man comes home and they make a mess of it together.
She drops to her knees ready to please!!
Enjoy watching her take every inch down her throat and receive a long hard cock in her tight wet pussy.
She bends over the countertop and moans with ecstasy as she thrusted into.
Then her favorite desert is served fresh and warm….CREAM PIE.

Rocky Emerson Is The Perfect Housewife hardcore sex .
Rocky Emerson is a beautiful looking girl, perfect body and her body covered in an artist’s impression of tattoos.
Soon naked she was eager to get his cock into her mouth and show how she was able to deep throat it.
Rock hard and ready then his cock slides into Rocky’s pussy as he starts to fuck her as she laid on the couch with her legs up.
Perfect Housewife Rocky is a girl who enjoys a little pain and a few slaps here and there only led to the excitement for her.
After the settee it was the floor as he took her doggy style as she knelt on the hard surface.
Back fucking in the missionary position on the settee again, changing positions all the while giving us a better view of her body as she knelt on his cock and then had him in the reverse cowgirl position.
Slapping, smothering her with a pillow was all part of the fun for her as he ended on the bed fucking her doggy style until he wanted to cum.

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