Road Trip lesbian sex with Aidra Fox, Kristen Scott HD .

Road Trip lesbian sex with Aidra Fox, Kristen Scott HD .

Kristen Scott , a photographer, is messaging Alex De La Flor , a model, online, excitedly flirting back and forth with her.
When Alex sends her sexy pictures, Kristen is flustered — this girl is smokin hot!
Kristen, wanting to look cool in her crushs eyes, boasts that she travels with DJ Carter Cruise and is her personal photographer.
Alex is impressed, asking if Kristen is going to EDF in Vegas — if she is, they should meet up along the way!
It would be nice to catch each other since Alex is totally down to fuck.
Kristen Scott stares at the screen, unable to believe what shes reading.
This beautiful babe wants to have sex with HER?
And Kristen is too shy to say yes!
She slams the laptop close, lamenting that shes going to be a virgin forever!
Later on, Kristen, and her friends Carter and Aidra Fox are hanging out together in Carters bedroom.
Aidra marvels over Carters newest song, clearly smitten with her.

Road Trip lesbian sex with Aidra Fox, Kristen Scott HD .
Meanwhile, Kristen tries to show off her recent pictures, but Aidra Fox is not that convinced of their quality — if Kristen took better pictures of people than she did plants, she probably wouldnt be a virgin. Kristen is hurt, defending that she has plenty of people that want to have sex with her. In fact, theres this hot model named Alex that wants to meet up in Baker. Her friends are surprised and excited, although Carter seems more happy for Kristen than Aidra. Carter insists that Baker really isnt that far, so pack up because theyre going on a road trip! The friends soon head off on their quest to get Kristen to Alexs place so that she can finally lose her virginity. The weather is clear, the music is loud, and the friends are enjoying each others company. Along the way, in a private moment, Aidra admits to Carter that she wants to be more than friends… Carter is taken aback, saying whoa, she doesnt see Aidra in that way — whatever vibe she thinks shes getting between them isnt there. Wounded, Aidra seeks comfort from Kristen, revealing that shes been shot down by Carter.
Kristen tries to reassure Aidra that shes an amazing girl and that anyone would be lucky to have her.
Despite having just professed her feelings to Carter, now Aidra suddenly feels a spark for Kristen.
However, shes quickly reminded that the whole point of this trip is to get Kristen laid by another woman…
When they finally arrive at Baker, its time for Kristen to get laid.
With her camera in hand, she and Alex crawl onto Alexs bed together.
Kristen Scott tries to make herself comfortable, though shes flustered when Alex starts to strike sexy poses.
Her heart pounds as Alex gets more and more seductive, casting Kristen bedroom eyes as she inches closer…
Kristen suddenly finds herself locked in a sensual kiss with Alex. However, instead of feeling hot and bothered, shes just… bothered, so she stops the kiss. Alex is hurt, wondering if shes not pretty enough, though Kristen assures her that shes definitely pretty enough! Its just that she and a friend that she hitched a ride with to get there may have new feelings for each other, so now THIS feels wrong…
Aidra suddenly bursts into the bedroom, telling the two that she cant let Kristen have sex with a stranger!
Shes making a mistake! Kristen is surprised, and Alex bemusedly asks if THIS is the friend Kristen was talking about?
Once Kristen nods, Alex tells Aidra that she has nothing to worry about — Kristen doesnt plan on having sex with her after all because shes in love with Aidra!
Kristen Scott is flooded with relief as she confesses that, yes, she loves Aidra.
Carter barges in to try and stop Aidra from ruining everything, but everythings already out in the open.
With so many sexy and riled-up ladies in her bedroom, Alex suggests that they should all work out that tension together!
They could ALL take Kristen Scott virginity, though Aidra should get to go first, of course.
Caught up in the heat of the moment, the group of passionate ladies tumble into bed together.
Kristen Scott and Aidra lead the way by exploring their newfound love and their bodies, sensually kissing each others lips and breasts.
It isnt long before everyone is eating each others pussies out and tribbing like theres no tomorrow.
It was a long time coming, but Kristen can finally say that shes lost her virginity — and what a story she has to tell with it!
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