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Pretty Dirty Jade Nile And Rebel Lynn Sugar Babies 2016 HD


Pretty Dirty Jade Nile and Rebel Lynn Sugar Babies 2016 HD

Watch now Pretty Dirty Jade Nile and Rebel Lynn Sugar Babies a beautiful new xxx movies with tho very hot girl ho is fucked very hard to pussy and to ass by a huge cock white boy .
Previously, we met Rebel Wilson, Jade Nile’s younger step-sister.

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Rebel’s favorite rock star has always been Xander Corvus, and if you ask any of her teenage friends they tell you that Rebel has always lusted to meet Xander. Well, Jade knows that her life as a sugar baby must be discreet, so she finally told Rebel that she has been travelling and dating Xander herself.
The awestruck teen begs her older step-sister to introduce them, and Jade has a grand lesbian time initiating her lesbian virgin sister before they meet the idol Rebel has always wanted to know.
Jade and Rebel Lynn approach one of Xander’s many luxurious apartments.
It’s clear Rebel is excited and nervous, hardly able to make the decision to support her frail young body as she climbs the stairs to his rock star pad.
Rebel is clearly nervous, but Jade assures her that amazing guys will want to take her all over the world after she becomes a sugar baby, and does exactly what they want.
Xander pulls up in his sports car ready to get to work fucking his chicks.
Immediately, his asshole charm exudes through his attitude, and Rebel is sure to get what she wants before Xander can go further.
Rebel Lynn feels like she’s in heaven when Xander rips her panties off of her tiny teen body. he immediately starts stroking her pussy, and teasing her.
Xander shoves his fingers inside her accompanied by her bittersweet moaning. he kisses her sweet young pussy, and gives her her sister’s tit to suck.
Xander is pleased with Jade’s conquest.
Xander stands Rebel up and strips her dress off her, eager to taste her young virgin pussy again.
he shows Rebel sides of sexuality she was never expecting, almost too rough for her to deal with. With Jade on the sidelines to reassure her she’ll be just fine, and to show her how sexy Xander’s rough sex can be. Jade gags on Xander’s erect cock, letting her spit slide off it, showing how much she wants him inside her sister.
Rebel Lynn needs to take it slow, clearly traumatized by Xander’s rough attitude.
But Xander wants her sweet tight little virgin hole wrapped around his slick, fully hard cock.
Jade reassures her traumatized young sister that they are exactly where they should be, and Rebel soon warms up to the idea of having Xander’s monster cock filling the recesses of her little virgin hole.
She still cries in pain.
Rebel gets her pussy and ass licked.
The girls take turns sucking and getting their pussies fucked by his cock, while also engange with each other by some pussy licking and rimming.
They have sex in doggy, cowgirl, missionary and sideways.
Jade gets a facial in the end.