Petite latina Mia Martinez in Single Or Not 2019 .

Petite latina Mia Martinez in Single Or Not 2019 .

Petite latina Mia Martinez has invited her fitness trainer over for a private session.

The hot petite latina knows that her trainer has a girlfriend, but Mia is so attracted to him that she doesn’t really care.

She answers the door in tight booty shorts and a sports bra, then leads her trainer to the couch .
She strikes as many provocative fitness poses as she can think of to show off her luscious body and her flexible form.

Then she intentionally does her initial exercises wrong to get her trainer’s hands on her.
Once she gets close enough, Mia grinds her ass against her trainer’s erection.
He finally can’t pretend she’s not trying to seduce him, so Mia offers to pay him double, even triple, if she can have her way.
When her trainer agrees, Mia shoves him onto the couch and pulls out his hardon to give a wet blowjob .
She whips out her big boobs and pushes them together for a tittie fuck, then gets on her hands and knees so her trainer can kick off a hard fast fuck fest.

Petite latina Mia Martinez in Single Or Not 2019 .
Rolling onto her back, Mia shows off her pierced nipples as she keeps taking a pussy pounding from above.
Her trainer fills his hands with those bouncing jugs as he fucks her.
Then he turns Mia back onto her knees so he can once again enjoy her incredible big ass as he brings himself to the brink of cumming.
When Mia turns around and opens her mouth, her trainer covers her face in jizz.
They schedule another private meeting for next week as Mia licks him clean.

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