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Petite Black Chick Impaled by Lexington Steele full HD .

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Petite Black Chick Impaled by Lexington Steele full HD .

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La Barbie is a very dark skinned girl who is super petite.

She looks a little shocked to be staring at Lexington Steele’s cock, but opens her mouth and starts gently stroking him with her fingers.
Even with both hands, she has a bit of trouble with that thing.
She is a pretty girl with a tiny body that looks as if it will be split in two when she starts to lower herself onto Lex’s cock.
After a few strokes, she gets going pretty good.
On her back, Barbie has nipples that are hard as bullets and takes enough dick to poke a hole in stomach.
Even with all that meat in her, Barbie manages a cute smile and even fucks back a bit.
After her tight little pookie nearly causes Lex to launch early, he takes her from behind, letting that sweet little slit milk his cock.
When it’s time to cum, Lexington Steele shoots a big wad all over her face and tits.
Barbie’s lips are sealed tightly, but she really gets creamed.

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