Penthouse Charley Chase The Ultimate Room Service 2016 HD


Penthouse Charley Chase The Ultimate Room Service 2016 HD

Watch now Penthouse Charley Chase The Ultimate Room Service a very good new pornmovies 2016 full HD 1080p .
Sexy milf Charley Chase acts out a letter sent to Penthouse?!?

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The scene starts with our heroine in a sexy pink nighty with matching panties but she slips out of it (which we don’t get to see) after a little kissing.
Another quick cut and Charley’s on her back with her partner’s hand jamming inside of her like a 16 year old at the junior prom.
She plays the role well but can’t wait to refocus the attention onto rando’s dick.
Charley says she can’t wait to “taste” it and rando doesn’t catch on quick.
Now, I know he’s getting paid to put on a good show but if Charley’s mouth feels even 10% as good as it sounds, I’d have to spend more than just four minutes getting my dick sucked.
The next ten minutes are ruined by pretty uninspired direction, lazy male talent, and iffy camera work (if you’re a fan of balls and tacky plastic cups, this is your video) but we get cowgirl and spoon before rando splatters Charley’s pubes.
No mish, no doggy, basically no shots of Charley’s face or tits.
You can almost forget it’s her if the volume is off.
And while Charley brings it as usual, there’s zero heat.
All-in-all, this is a terrible scene but Charley is in my top five all time and really does do her best to try and save it so .

Date: November 10, 2016

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