Oral Sex Guide Everything You Need to Know About .

When it comes to oral sex , it’s best to think about orgasms.
The orgasm is primarily a reaction to signals being sent to your mind.
The orgasm itself occurs in the mind, which kind of comes as a shock to a lot of guys because they simply assume that, because it is their cock going in to the girl’s pussy that causes an orgasm, it must be purely biological.
But I can’t stress enough the importance of the female psychology here.
You need to understand and appreciate this fact in order to ever have real success when it comes to oral sex.
It’s all about sending the right signals.
You’re probably going to hate me here when I say you need to be patient.
But you simply can’t dive in with your tongue and get to work, unless this is mid-sex and things are already really hot.

Oral Sex Guide Everything You Need to Know About .

Otherwise, you need to be gentle.
She’ll get a much better sensation that way and you can build up to something more intense.
Remember, it takes about 20 minutes for a woman to reach an intense orgasm so make the most of the time early on and really focus on the foreplay!
Build up to great sex!
Once you realise this, your sex life will change forever.
Here’s a tip, and I did kind of mention this earlier.
Don’t just go down on her.
Start by kissing your way down to her tummy and pull down her panties.
Then, make your way kissing back up the inside of her legs and focus on her thighs.
There’s something so gentle and mood enhancing when a girl feels your breath on her sensitive areas.
Breathe your way closer to the clitoris and then give it a gentle kiss.
Transition in to something a bit more intense.
You want her to be ready for you to lick her out – she needs to prepare herself.
You want to start around the clit, don’t dive straight for it.
You want to treat that little bean like it’s the most precious thing you’ve ever come across.
Take care of it.
Tease it.
Make its pleasure your only focus and she will go crazy for you.
And don’t just use your tongue.
This is such a common mistake for no reason at all.
Move your mouth and miss it.
Move up and down with your head and use your jaw to reach new places.
You want to explore the area.
Finally, hands free isn’t an option.

I mean yes, this is oral sex , but you should keep your hands busy.

Try holding on to hers while you lick her out to figure out her reactions and what she wants to do next.
Hold her legs apart and pin her down.
Take control.
You could even finger her at the same time and try to find her G spot.
Stimulate her in other ways like playing with her bum and boobs.
Just do something that enhances her experience – if you stimulate multiple places she’s much more likely to enjoy the experience and orgasm.
Just remember, when you go down on a girl, you want to be gentle, build things up, and keep a variety.
If you just do one thing all the time it’s going to get boring where she gets used to the sensation.
Think about when you get a blowjob.
It’s pretty boring if the girl doesn’t mix things up with her tongue or with her hands.
It still feels good, but a good blowjob is nothing compared to a great one.

Oral Sex Guide Everything You Need to Know About .
Just don’t be afraid to get a little messy because you will, but that’s a good thing!
If she gets a bit more comfortable with having oral sex with you i.e. you’ve done it a few times already, you might want to look in to oral sex positions. The one you probably go for is to have her laying on her back and you lick in between her legs, but that puts you in control.
If maybe she wants to take charge, you should have her sit on top of your face.
That way she controls the speed and intensity and controls her own experience.
This is great because she’s the one that really knows what she wants.
Keep this in mind.

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