NuruMassage Alexis Fawx Landmark Growth 2017 full HD .


NuruMassage Alexis Fawx Landmark Growth 2017 full HD .

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Recruiter Alexis Fawx is enlisting students on campus to the Growth Forum’s personal development program.

Student Codey Steele takes a pamphlet from the busty MILF and shows up for the meeting.
Alexis greets him in her spa robe. She also works as a masseuse.
Unfortunately, the meeting was cancelled, but she insists Codey stays for a mini session one-on-one.
Seated beside Codey on the sofa, Alexis Fawx asks him to describe his limiting thoughts, his beliefs that hold him back from achieving his goals.
After giving the question some thought, Codey acknowledges that he’s shy, and he tends to overthink situations involving girls.
It’s hard to talk to girls and ask them out on dates.
Alexis thinks he needs to learn how to fully relax, especially in front of women.
He follows her into a massage room and freezes when she removes her robe.
Codey wasn’t expecting that.
Alexis Fawx goads him further by taking off her pretty lace bra, but seeing her big tits exposed makes Codey supremely uncomfortable.
To help him cope with his embarrassment, she places his hands on her tits and instructs him to take a deep breath.

When she tries to remove his trunks for a shower, Codey is paralyzed with shyness.
Alexis Fawx is very encouraging and eventually gets his underwear off.
She helps Codey achieve an erection in the shower, then gives him a bath and a blowjob that makes his head swell.

Then she butters him up on the NURU mat, so proud of the landmark growth of his big cock, and she fucks him till he cums on her tight little ass!

Date: April 18, 2020

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