Nuru Massage Casey Calvert, Seth Gamble Rubbin Cousin HD .

Nuru Massage Casey Calvert, Seth Gamble Rubbin Cousin HD .

Casey Calvert leads her second cousin, Seth Gamble , who is carrying a laptop, to a table in her living room and thanks him again for showing up to help her.
Running her own business from home has been amazing, but shes a LITTLE behind with the paperwork.
Seth states that hes happy to help since thats what familys for.
He comments that hes confident he can help her sort through everything and get organized.
Its what he does for a living, after all. What would we do without accountants?
Or second cousins, for that matter! Casey playfully teases.
He tells her more seriously that she really should have an accountant as a small business owner. She admits that she knows this but that her business only started gaining traction recently, which is why shes trying to get the paperwork sorted now. She invites him to sit down at the table, offering him a beverage — like a tea or coffee — but he politely declines. He sets his laptop onto the table and says hes ready to get down to business! Casey excuses herself while Seth patiently waits at the table. She returns carrying a box. As soon as he sees the box, Seths face falls, especially once she tips the box over and spills its contents out onto the table — a messy pile of unorganized bills and receipts. You didnt tell me there was THIS much paperwork! Seth exclaims, throwing up his hands as he looks astonishingly between the papers and Casey. Casey Calvert looks sheepish as she tries to play innocent. Like I said, Im a LITTLE behind… Seth exclaims that shes more than a little behind! If she were an actual client, she definitely would have had to book a longer appointment with him. Casey frowns, apologizing for letting it get this bad. She stares at the papers, then lights up and offers to return the favor by giving him a massage! Seths a little uncomfortable about this arrangement since theyre family. But she thinks its a perfect way to make it up to him, he does the accounting for her and she does the massaging for him! Besides, itd be strictly professional. Seth seems to be on board for a moment, but then suddenly stops as he eyes her. But dont you do a DIFFERENT kind of massage…? he hesitantly inquires. She informs that, yes, she does NURU massages, which can be messier and a bit more risqua than some people are comfortable with, but its not sexual.

Nuru Massage Casey Calvert, Seth Gamble Rubbin Cousin HD .
Especially not between family! Seth is a bit distracted as she continues to explain more about what NURU is and how its done, his eyes drawn to her as she inadvertently moves in a way that could be read as sexual. Seth is embarrassed and snaps his attention back up to her face just as hes told that he doesnt have to worry about a thing because she wouldnt think of doing anything inappropriate with him. She continues to say that he must be tired of being hunched over his calculator all day, or doing whatever it is that accountants do. A massage would be just what he needs to relax. Seth finally agrees although he half-jokes that its still going to take more than a massage to make them even. She laughs it off, saying that shell make it worthwhile, unaware of how it, again, can be taken sexually by her second cousin. She even offers to do the massage first since itll put him in the zone for crunching the numbers. Seth and Casey both turn their heads and stare at the pile of papers on the table at the same time. Seth agrees and takes her up on her offer. Casey Calvert is pleased, smiling now. She then tells him that its time to shower and get squeaky clean for the massage! Seth strips down and climbs into the shower, but is surprised when Casey strips down and follows him! Casey Calvert is embarrassed but also exasperated. Wasnt he listening when she was telling him about the massage routine earlier? Its so that the gel works better! she insists. Ill leave you to it if it makes you TOO uncomfortable, though. Seth abruptly says that it doesnt make him THAT uncomfortable — it was just surprising, thats all. She can join him. Casey joins Seth in the shower and scrubs him clean. Shes thorough, which turns Seth on more, although he tries to play it cool. At the same time, Casey Calvert own expression is a bit flustered as her hands linger on his chest or butt. Hes more handsome than she ever thought! Her eyes also drop down to his dick once or twice, obviously getting a bit aroused herself. Hes packing more than she ever imagined, thats for sure. Seths willpower is tested when Casey Calvert turns around and asks if he will wash her back since she cant reach and needs to be squeaky clean, too. While this part is true, Casey is also perhaps using this excuse to get him touching her more as well. Seth hesitantly agrees and begins washing her. Although his touches are uncertain at first, he soon gets into it. His hands start wandering over her hot body. He finally reaches around and gropes her breasts, which draws out a sudden and loud moan from Casey Calvert. It startles them both as they jolt away from one another, suddenly shy. He apologizes, clearly embarrassed as he insists that hes not sure what got into him. Casey tells him that it happens sometimes. He shouldnt worry about it, its just an instinctive reaction. Seth shrugs nervously and says okay, if she says so, and goes back to rubbing. Eventually, the sexual tension gets so high that Casey appears flustered and says its probably best to move onto the massage now. Theyre clean enough. Once they leave the shower, Casey takes Seth into the massage parlor. Seth is amused by the setup and is told by Casey to lay down on the mattress. He does so, telling her that she definitely has one of the more… interesting… careers out of all their cousins. As they begin the sensual full-body massage, theyre both into it. Seth is especially into it by now, more relaxed and less serious, and even Casey Calvert is starting to give him sultry glances. The shyness they both experienced earlier fades away as primal urges take over. Casey starts by sucking Seths cock, getting him ready to sink into her pussy. Once hes good to go, she hops on and rides Seth until they cum.
Maybe she should hire Seth as her personal accountant so that this arrangement can be permanent!

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