My Virgin Daughter new pornmovie 2017 full HD 1080p .


My Virgin Daughter new pornmovie 2017 full HD 1080p .

Watch now a very new pornmovie 2017 full HD 1080p named My Virgin Daughter , genre lesbian , erotica .
My Virgin Daughter cast : Jelena Jensen , Cassidy Klein , Rebel Lynn , Chanel Preston , Tiffany Watson , Alexis Fawx .
Mommy’s Girl Films has long been one of my favorite looks into lesbian erotica that Girlsway presents to their fans.
You can count on there always being that lustful older woman portrayed by a veteran actress in the industry, as well as a sultry new comer.
Both of which, can act their ass off!

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When you look at this films covers, both front and back, it is evident Alan and Bree did their homework on this one.
Sexy new starlet Rebel Lynn is cast, as well as the sultry Tiffany Watson, every man and woman’s dream when it comes to the young girls next door.
Alexis Fawx and Chanel Preston are two of the most sex driven superstars that have ever strapped on a pair heels in this business.
With a cast as provocative as this, I was very excited to view this film, to see how Alan would use this seductive foursome of porn stars to the best of their abilities and to see if putting two stars in two scene would actually be worth it’s weight in gold .

My Virgin Daughter Scene 1: Jelena Jensen and Cassidy Klein

Scene Length: 22 Minutes

The Set-Up:

Now, The theme of something spooky and haunting is actually done rather well in this opening intro.
Being a veteran horror movie guy, I did indeed get the creeps when Cassidy comes into her Step Mom’s dream.
The musical score that goes with the scene is simply great, it adds a climactic element that is rarely seen in an adult film, but is the standard with Girlway films.
It adds a very dark element to the scene.
The lighting in this scene may get to a few folks out there who do not have really great resolution screens, but I think that is the only things that had a negative bump in this scene.
The production crew is trying to drive the theme of things that go bump in the night and it goes over well.
Jelena Jensen has a very good intro into the film, but Cassidy Klein, my goodness, that gal can act her way out of anything and any scenario.
It is something darkly erotic to watch her straddle miss Jensen and see her tell Jelena, “I need to be fucked Mommy, I need to be fucked!”
It is not your traditional seduction dear readers.
It is creepy, dark and very deep.
I do not know how the ladies stayed in character with this great of an introduction.
The theme for the film is first time younger babes getting deflowered for the first time by their MILF counterparts.
This scene was cast superbly in order to reflect that.
Jelena plays a very typical head of a religious household and Cassidy is the sweet, innocent step daughter.
I myself would love to have watched the dialogue and acting go further, that is how creepy a portrayal Cassidy performs.
The premise of this scene is Jelena trying find a way to get her religious daughter to come out more.
As she lies in bed, the scene goes instantly to a dream state were Cassidy is out of control and going a hundred miles an hour,
think Linda Blair fast without the green pea soup.
I just can’t get over how amazing Cassidy Klein is in this scene and if you thought this opening got you corralled by the throat, the sex is something even better.

My Virgin Daughter The Sex:

For those of you who know a Girlsway/Mommy’s Girl production, you will know that long scenes are accustomed to their award winning ways.
This scene is one of the shortest I have ever seen in the companies history.
With that being said, the ladies snap instantly into the action.
Within minutes of seeing Cassidy dazzling your senses and emotions with her creepy, horror infused intro, she is devouring Jelena’s kitty in the most heated manor.
Even though neither woman is even half naked, the amount of allure these gals put out is wonderful.
Jelena moves with jolting thrusts as she orgasms from Cassidy’s incredible pussy licking.
This scene does not showcase but maybe one close up.
The views are always of the girls almost completely zoomed out to see the delicious small things like Jelena rubbing her nipples as Cassidy’s aggressive bedside manor has her pulling out Jelena’s breasts with authority and giving the fans some rather scrumptious visions of titillating foreplay that will be stuck in your mind a good while,
even after you have finished the film.
The passion is what sells this scene.
When the girls finish one position and move to the other, the sloppy wet kisses just show the amount of passion and aggression in this scene.
The dirty talk and moaning is something out of this world.
As I stated with the intro, I would have loved to have seen things go a bit longer, but I truly loved the way that the scene just ends in an instant.
The cinematic element of excellence is here from start to finish.
The way that we have Cassidy seduce Jelena and simply take control, makes for something that puts your mind solely on the darkness of the story.
When Cassidy just moves Jelena up a bit after making her scream with passion, she sits right smack dab on her face and it is everything that a girl/girl angle should be in that moment.
Cassidy’s body of work is in full view and the way she does her landing strip just shows the detail and length this beautiful woman goes,
to make the fans fantasies come to life.
Opener was solid and leaves the door open for us to see if the next two performers can put on as good a show, in a short amount of time.

Date: February 10, 2020

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