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My Mother Is My Lover New Adult Movie 2016 Full HD


My Mother Is My Lover new adult movie 2016 full HD

Watch My Mother Is My Lover a very good new adult movie 2016 full HD 1080p version with most hot milf with big tits , big ass , and tight pussy ho fuck very hard with big cock young boy .
My Mother Is My Lover is from director Mark Blaze and his production company Blazed Studios.
In this latest film from him, he concentrates on the mother-son taboo fascination.
Milfs stars like Desi Dalton, Dava Foxx, and Kimmy Lee are very beautiful and hot sexual performers for this genre.
My Mother Is My Lover Cast: Desi Dalton, Dava Foxx, Kimmy Lee , Leilani Lei .

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My Mother Is My Lover Scene One:

Desi Dalton’s mood changes after her attitudinal retreat and wants to treat her son much better than in the past. He sucks his dick a bit in the bedroom. Her oral fixation is good. However, it is the screwing moments that will get your motor running and your turn-on level high. After a doggie fuck, the energy level picks up by both of them when the pretty woman bounces on his dick reverse cowgirl style. Desi’s beautiful body is shown well here as well as during the missionary screw. Her tight tits look hot and her straddling body create much eye candy flavor. When Desi is laying on her back, you really want to fuck her hard and cum on her so badly. Meanwhile, her effort is solid and she gets off nicely. I enjoyed watching her partner fuck her deep. In the end, she sucks his hard on a bit. Some of it was shot in POV mode, but most if it was from the side. Desi eventually strokes him off on her mouth and chin.

My Mother Is My Lover Scene Two:

Dava Foxx walks into the room wearing a school girl’s outfit as she tries to seduce his with her moves. The woman with glasses goes down on him for some good cocksucking action. The screwing activity is a good one as Dava gets fucked. The best moments occurred while she rode him reverse cowgirl style as well as in the spooning position. Those are the times where her body and pussy are shown the best and thus, create a very solid showcase of her body for the viewers’ jacking off purposes. In the end, the guy jacks off on her tummy.

My Mother Is My Lover Scene Three:

Kimmy Lee enters the bedroom and reads a note and follows it’s instructions. She undresses, puts on a blindfold, and lays down on the bed. Later, her son enters the room and kisses his way down her beautiful body and ends up sucking her womanly playground. The sounds of his sucking motion on her pussy are cool. Then, he sticks his dick into her mouth for the cocksucking moments. Kimmy removes her blindfold. Their performance gains energy when he fucks her missionary style. The reverse cockriding session is not as good as in the previous two scenes. The doggie screw picks up the pace well and has solid turn-on value. Finally, the man jacks off on the sexy woman’s face.
Overall, the sex is alright. There is enough turn-on and excitement value in their performances to check it out. Desi Dalton and Kimmy Lee had the most sex appeal and best efforts. The set-up scenarios were fine.
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