MonstersOfCock Elsa Jean Elisa Fucks A Crook 2016 full HD


MonstersOfCock Elsa Jean Elisa Fucks A Crook 2016 full HD

Watch MonstersOfCock Elsa Jean Elisa Fucks A Crook a very good new xxx movies 2016 full HD with a very sexy petite young blonde teen ho fuck hard and very deep to tight pussy with big dick lover .
Elisa Jean is all alone at home.

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She plays with her pretty pink pussy on the couch dreaming of big cocks.
Unknowingly, there is a stranger roaming outside her house trying to find a way in.
Still in the midst of an epic rubdown she hears a strange noise, she arms herself with a baseball bat, the first weapon she can find.
The stranger is in the house, she hides as best as she can, still armed, knowing she must defend herself.
She sees the stranger rummaging through some of the houses valuables.
It’s time for her to act, she raises the wooden slugger and confronts the stranger.
Almost instantly she recognizes him, it’s Ricky, who works for her dad.
After some excuses and a sob story , Elisa decides to frisk Ricky for stolen goods.
But what she finds steals her heart, it’s a giant cock in Ricky’s pants.
She can’t believe the size of his man meat.
She must examine his unit.
Once she realizes his hog makes most penises look like vienna sausages, she knows she needs to put it in her mouth.
She continues the fun by riding his monster dong and getting plowed by it.
She takes command and makes Ricky cum in her mouth and she returns the favor by swallowing the load.
Her final act is promising not to tell her dear old dad about the sexcapade.
Featured positions include cowgirl, spoon, missionary, and doggy.

Date: June 10, 2016

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