Monster Curves Bridgette B & Angela White World Class Ass 2018 HD .


Monster Curves Bridgette B & Angela White World Class Ass 2018 HD .

Ladies and gentlemen, today we have a special treat World Class Ass .

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This is for all you booty Connoisseurs and titty savants.
Here, we do not merely have yet another porn scene to be advertised to plebeians for only being “hot” or “sexy.”
What we have here for you is a new level of bountiful breasts and world class ass .
Today, we present to you a world class level of performance and talent, captured by two of the most passionate and impactful women in the industry – Angela White and Bridgette B.
First, they entrance and tease – using their curves and the roiling concoctions of smoke and water to capture and keep your precious attention.
These two women take our music video and elevate it beyond what we could have imagined.
However, I must reassure the loyal fans, this isn’t all just sensuous teasing and musical enticement.
Once the music ends, the real fun begins.
Angela and Bridgette drag our male talent into a sloppy, filthy, no-holds-barred threesome accented by bouncy titfucking, vigorous anal, and the hottest positions enacted by the most delightfully curvy and powerful succubi you’ve ever seen.
But, my friends, do not take my word for it — part the smoke and see for yourselves…
Scene starts with some girl-girl kissing, dildo fucking & cunnilingus.
They give Keiran a blowjob and sit on his face.
They ride him in cowgirl & reverse cowgirl by vaginal penetration, they take turns getting ass-fucked in reverse cowgirl, doggy & sideways.
Also includes girl-girl cunnilingus & A2M. Scene ends with shared facial.

Date: January 2, 2021

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