MommysGirl Serena Blair & Mindi Mink What Were You Thinking Mom ?


MommysGirl Serena Blair & Mindi Mink What Were You Thinking Mom ?

Mindi Mink has been working out lately and is looking hot as hell.

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When she finds a smaller sized dress in the dryer, she decides to put it on.

She takes off her clothes to unveil her perfect voluptuous body.
She tries to slide the dress head down but gets stuck.
When Serena Blair walks in to find her stepmom naked with a dress stuck on her head, she can’t help but laugh.
She even takes pictures for good measure.
When Serena finally helps Mindi out of this mess she can’t stop laughing.
Mindi Mink feels humiliated and yells at Serena, telling her to go to the room.
Mindi is embarrassed that she thought she could fit into that dress.
Sulking she walks into the bedroom to confront Serena about her behavior.
When she finds out that Serena took pictures of her she’s not pleased.
Serena laughs it off; she knows her stepmom is smoking hot and she doesn’t care who knows it.
Mindi Mink pleads with her to delete the pictures but Serena doesn’t want to.
She really likes the pictures and wants to keep them for herself.
When Mindi calls her out on her inappropriate behavior, Serena just smiles, adding that she doesn’t see what the big deal is.
After all, they’re not related and she’s 18 now, and if she wants her to delete the pictures that bad, then she’s gonna have to do something for her in return give her some of mommy’s loving.
Scene starts with kissing tit sucking.
Serena sits on Mindi’s face and then Serenea licks Mindi’s milf pussy.
Mindi gives a rimjob and scene ends with tribbing.

Date: December 17, 2020

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