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MommysGirl Piper Perri, Cory Chase Moms Tricks 2018 Full HD .


MommysGirl Piper Perri, Cory Chase Moms Tricks 2018 full HD .

Watch now MommysGirl Piper Perri, Cory Chase Moms Tricks a new xxx video 2018 HD genre blonde , teen , milf , big tits , lesbian action .

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Piper Perri comes home from school to find the house empty.

Her stepmom, Cory Chase, is nowhere to be found.
When Piper calls out to see if she’s home there’s no answer.
She goes upstairs to her bedroom and calls her boyfriend to talk about their afternoon session in the bleachers and how naughty it was.
While Piper is on the phone, her mom arrives home and walks into the living room.
When she sees Piper’s schoolbag in the living room, she wonders why Piper can’t pick up after herself.
When she searches the bag she finds condoms in there and yells at Piper to get downstairs immediately.
Piper hangs up the phone and runs downstairs to find her mom holding one of her condoms.
When she demands to know if this is hers, Piper has a hard time responding.
Cory demands an explanation and Piper spits out that she is indeed having sex.
When Cory asks her if she’s sleeping with women as well, Piper replies that she’s not a lesbian.
Cory gets closer to her stepdaughter and puts her hand on her lap.
She explains that there’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian and if someone was so inclined, they could technically fuck both sexes.
Piper is confused and isn’t sure what her step-mom is alluding to.
When Cory picks up the condom threatening to tell her dad that his daughter is sexually active, Piper spit outs that she’ll do anything for her to keep this between themselves.
Cory promises she’ll keep this between them as long as Piper does exactly what she tells her to.
And since her dad would kill her if he found out, Piper can’t help but comply.