MommysGirl Ariella Ferrera & Kenzie Reeves My Amazon StepMom 2017 .


MommysGirl Ariella Ferrera & Kenzie Reeves My Amazon StepMom 2017 .

Watch MommysGirl Ariella Ferrera & Kenzie Reeves My Amazon StepMom a new porn movies 2017 full HD 1080p genre milf , big tits , teen , lesbian action .

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Kenzie’s dad got hitched again but she’s not so sure about all this, after all, it’s his sixth wife and getting to know a new stepmom, seems like a waste of her time.

Her dad pleads with her stating that this time will be different.
The doorbell rings as she sighs, her dad asks her to play nice and hangs up.
She goes downstairs to greet her new mom.
Ariella Ferrera is so tall, Kenzie can’t believe
Noticing that she’s being a bit awkward she presses her to tell her what’s wrong, she asks Kenzie if it’s because of her height.
In order to make her feel comfortable, Ariella starts complimenting her telling her how adorable she is.
Comparing body parts Ariella pulls out her tits and tells her to touch them, feeling them she pulls away quickly.
Ariella asks her to put her face on them to make sure they’re extra soft.
Ariella Ferrera senses that Kenzie isn’t 100% comfortable so she suggests they both get naked.
Kenzie giggles but not too sure about all this but Ariella can’t believe how cute and tiny her new stepdaughter is, she can’t help but want to take her clothes off.
Asking her to sit on her lap she stars licking her tiny nipples, Kenzie giggles but isn’t so sure about all this, Ariella makes a deal with her, if she doesn’t like it, they’ll stop.
Kenzie reluctantly agrees as she caresses her legs and moves her hand on her pussy.
She starts rubbing it and playing with it.
She’s not so sure how her dad is going to feel about all this but Ariella reminds her that they are family now and she needs to make her feel welcome.
She spits on her pussy and starts playing with it, despite it feeling wrong Kenzie knows it feels right.
As she welcomes her new mom with open arms she loses herself in the pleasure!
Scene starts with some breast play and fingering. Ariella licks Kenzie’s shaved pussy and sits on her step-daughter’s face.
She gives Kenzie a rimjob and they trib their pussies.

Date: August 31, 2020

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