Melissa Moore Liberty Girl Ambushed and Violated pornmovie 2016 HD


Melissa Moore Liberty Girl Ambushed and Violated pornmovie 2016 HD

Watch now a very nice new pornmovie 2016 full HD 1080p named Melissa Moore Liberty Girl Ambushed and Violated .

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Liberty Girl is tracking a dangerous thief when the suspect gets the jump on her.
She awakes rope-bound on the floor and struggles with all her might to escape.
Liberty Girl manages to loosen some of the rope, but not before the masked villain returns and knocks her out again.
Awaking gagged and tied to a couch, Liberty Girl learns that the burglary was only a ruse to capture her.
Since she turns her head away at the suggestion of fucking a criminal, he decides to make her cum through her pantyhose over and over and over.
Weak from the intense pleasure, she’s put out much more quickly.
Barely having regained her awareness once more, Liberty Girl finds herself still bound and with her stockings torn.
As he takes the last of her dignity as a superheroine, the thief slaps her, makes her squirt all over her pantyhose, and covers her face with cum.

Date: November 1, 2016

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