Megan Vaughn & Jade Aspen My Bikini Body’s Better HD .

Megan Vaughn & Jade Aspen My Bikini Body’s Better HD .

How exactly did Jade Aspen and Megan Vaughn find themselves stranded all the way out by Keiran’s house, so far away from where they needed to be in LA?
They were all geared up to strip down and reveal their sexy bodies in a bikini contest.
They figured there was no better way to get ready to show off their thick asses and big tits for the judges than to get a little practice posing for Keiran first.

The contest heated up so fast, they ended up tumbling onto his sofa for a dirty threesome sex .

Megan Vaughn & Jade Aspen My Bikini Body's Better HD .
He got to sample both their delicious booties, and dip his big dick in one sweet pussy, then into the other girl’s and back again.
Scene then proceeds as you’d expect with doggy style from both ebony girls while the other is eaten out.
Facesitting with reverse cowgirl and regular cowgirl.
Plenty of blowjobs and make outs here and there.
Scene ends with a facial on both black girls and a bit of cum play .

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