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Mandy Flores Cheating Blackmail Fantasy 2016


Mandy Flores Cheating Blackmail Fantasy 2016

Watch Mandy Flores Cheating Blackmail Fantasy a very nice xxx movies 2016 with a very hot big tits and round ass milf ho fuck hard and deep to tight pussy with a big dick men .

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You are dating your boyfriend for 5 years. You both finished college, he got a job in a company, and now decided to live together.
The landlord of the house you are going to live in is a friend and coworker of your boyfriend.
Long story short you will cheat on your boyfriend with his friend because his friend is sort of blackmailing you into it.
You will also talk on the phone with your completely unaware boyfriend, while cheating on him.
At some point during the blowjob and fucking, your Bf will say that his friend told him that he would come by the house to check on you.
He also jokingly bet your BF that he could fuck you while he is gone, but your BF told him there’s no way that would happen because you love him and you are faithful.
Act offended, say you think his friend is an asshole, all while he is actually fucking you!
If a moan or a suspicious sound is heard louder than it should, find excuses and lie to your BF about what the noise was.
Continue to talk to boyfriend normally and get off phone as your boyfriends best friend cums all over your panties .

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