LUBED Jessica Rex Tying Up The Shower 4K 2017 full HD 1080p .


LUBED Jessica Rex Tying Up The Shower 4K 2017 full HD 1080p .

Watch now LUBED Jessica Rex Tying Up The Shower 4K a very good new porn movies 2017 full HD 1080p genre teen , hardcore sex .

The scene starts out with Jessica Rex getting nice and wet in the shower and stripping as well as lubing herself up in the tub.
JMac steps in, grabs Jessica out of the shower, and straps her to the wall.

He eats her ass out, lubes her up and then penetrates her pussy to fuck her from behind (the suction cup wall straps are on her wrists but they aren’t on the wall anymore).


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He lifts her leg up to open up the view for the camera and continues to fuck her, she puts her leg down, then he lifts it back up.JMac has Jessica get down to her knees and suck his cock for awhile (POV shot is done during the blowjob).
They fade out of the POV shot into Jessica in reverse cowgirl getting fucked by JMac (camera facing Jessica’s front side).
Quickly after, Jessica dismounts and remounts in cowgirl while the camera is in the same angle.
They then fade over to JMac fucking Jessica Rex in a spoon position with her legs spread open.
Afterwards they fade over to him fucking Jessica both standing up.
They finally fade over to JMac finishing himself off on Jssica’s face and tongue.
Most of the cum lands on her face a little bit on her tongue.
She sucks on his cock a little bit and then pushes the cum/spit out of her mouth spreading it around her mouth, JMac spits in her mouth while she does that.
JMac fucks her mouth a bit and the scene ends with Jessica putting some of the cum from her face in her mouth but not doing anything with it.

Date: March 21, 2020

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