Kira Noir The Yoga Newbie Gets Fucked Well 2019 HD .


Kira Noir The Yoga Newbie Gets Fucked Well 2019 HD .

Kira Noir never tried Yoga before.
Charles Dera’s Yoga studio offered free classes for beginners.
They started with some humming.
Then some basic Yoga positions.
When Kira’s ass was stretched and pointing up the Yoga instructor rubbed his dick against it.
Kira wondered, what is that?
Charles answered: This is my essence!
Was this really how you do Yoga.
He ripped down her pants, pulled up her shirt and stretched her nipples.
We were born naked!
Yes being naked is essential for Yoga.
He pulled his big dick out of his pants and stuck it in her face.
It felt natural to suck it.
Then he inserted his essence deep inside her tight pussy and started to fuck her.

Kira Noir The Yoga Newbie Gets Fucked Well 2019 HD .
First standing up, against the wall, then doggy, spooning, cowgirl, missionary and then finally a full load of cum in her mouth.
Kira Noir was born on July 16, 1994 in San Marino, California, just outside of San Francisco.
Her father was in the Navy so she used to move a lot.
She is a child of divorced parents , after her parents split she moved with her mother and sister to Nashville, where she grew up.
Her parents know about her job and they are both all right with her decision.
She lost her virginity when she was fourteen years old, but was never promiscuous and didn’t really date a lot because she didn’t think she was pretty and considered herself a nerd.
She has slept with 6-7 boys prior porn, and much more girls (she did webcam and strip shows and was putting a lot of shows with her co-workers, including lesbian sex).
When she graduated high school, she moved around Missouri and lived in St. Louis area for 3 years.
During this period she stripped in The Hustler Club in East St. Louis.
In August 2015, she moved to Los Angeles.

Date: January 7, 2019

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