Jessie Carmen Cheap Asian Massage Girl Fucked and Creampied 2018 .

Jessie Carmen Cheap Asian Massage Girl Fucked and Creampied

Jessie Carmen Cheap Asian Massage Girl Fucked and Creampied 2018 .

The video starts out with the guy opeinng the door, and Jessie Carmen coming in.
There’s some bullshit establishing dialogue, but it doesn’t last long, don’t worry.
The guy lies down on the bed.
She grabs the massage oil, pulls off his undies, and starts rubbing him with the oil.
Then she slides her own shirt and skirt off, leaving on her panties, and gives him a quick slide with her titties.
She oils herself up, and gives him a titjob without using her hands.
Here, the massage pretense is dropped, and she pulls out a rubber and slaps it on him.
Pulling off her punties, she hops on top, inserting his dick inside her and riding him cowgirl.
The guy is pretty good at filming, and shows a good mix of her face, pussy and big titties as she rides.
At the 10 minute mark, Jessie Carmen pulls the condom off and sucks his dick for about a minute and a half.
Then, she climbs back on (sans-condom) and starts riding again.
After a few minutes she spins around (with his cock still inside her!) and rides him reverse cowgirl, so we can see her lovely ass.
After a little bit of that they swap positions again, now with him fucking her doggystile while she uses the bed to support herself.
The used condom is laying on her back which is kinda funny.
Next up, she’s on her knees, blowing his dick and giving him a titjob with her oily boobs.
Then, she lies on her back and spreads her legs, while he fucks her standing (again, she’s got the condom on her tits while he fucks her).
The grand finale comes when he blows inside her, giving us a nice creampie.
Jessie Carmen is an Asian girl of unknown origins.
She’s got a nice body, some beautiful fucking tits, and some tattoo on her side and back.
Her description of her self (from her PH profile):
“I’m a very open minded and naughty girl, or you could say I’m a slutty girl because I love to get fucked.
I love to get gangbanged and creampies in my pussy.
I don’t know how to describe but I feel like I never have enough cocks to fuck me, always wanting for more cocks!
I always fantasize getting gangbanged by BBCs.
My dream is to become a pornstar, not for the money but for getting fucked by many many cocks!”
For those who are interested, link to her profile:
Pornhub profile: JessieCarmen .

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