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Jayna Woods College Invasion Male Virgin Alert .


Jayna Woods College Invasion Male virgin alert .

Watch now Jayna Woods College Invasion Male virgin alert one the best xxx movies with hot and very sexy young girl ho fuck with virgin student boy with big cock .
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Nervous Canadian dude “Rusty” wins a frat party game and the prize is condom-free sex with Jayna Woods.
They retreat to the privacy of a bedroom and they both sit on the mattress.
The all-natural dirty blonde tries to relax Rusty and she soothes his anxieties about being a virgin by sucking his dick.
She gets him hard with her mouth and gives him a blowjob he will never forget. Vaginal sex ensues…
Rusty keeps on his wifebeater and baseball cap as he fucks her in doggy and Jayna puts on a good show by moaning for some cock. She rides him reverse cowgirl with her shaved pussy and then they switch to missionary. He fucks her until he busts a huge nut all over her stomach.
I wish I got to bang Jayna Woods for my first time (and I fantasized about that when I watched this a decade ago as a young virgin) but I do get the distinct feeling that Rusty was slightly traumatized by this event if you judge by the look on his face afterwards!
Goofy bastard was too stupid to know how good he had it…
This is only a short scene with mediocre sex but I love Jayna Woods (she is cute in a weird way and hard to find pre-boobjob) and this brings back a lot of nostalgic memories from my early porn days!
It is also notable as a college flick that features real college guys (inadequacies and all) that get to fuck porn stars bareback.