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JAV Wannabe Crimestopper Becomes Bus Molester NHDTA 838


JAV Wannabe Crimestopper Becomes Bus Molester NHDTA 838

Watch now a very new porn movie 2016 full HD version named JAV Wannabe Crimestopper Becomes Bus Molester Newest Target NHDTA 838 .
Man the japanese sure do love their bus molester fantasy vids,lol Normally I don’t watch too many of these just cause there’s so damn many.

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The full title is “Ikasero to cry a bullish gal JK with a sense of justice to the way a pervert! !
Three”. As I said it’s basically your typical bus molester/rape fantasy vid where a cute girl is singled out by one or more men on a bus, and toyed with/fucked on it while everyone else around them pretends not to notice.
And that’s basically what it is, it’s funny cause girl who is the focus of the cover/title of the vid doesn’t show up until the last scene.
Before that you have to girls who are both basically gangbanged by a bunch of guys on a bus who start feeling her up, and get increasingly more brazen and rougher with her as the scene progresses to where they’re basically gang banging/raping her, and then just leave her there when they’re done.
It’s kinda funny cause while the first girl doesn’t see it coming, the 2nd scene actually starts out with them feeling up another girl who quickly gets off the bus, where they don’t waste much time focusing/jumping another girl on the bus.
The final scene/scenario is the one on the cover where the girl with the dyed hair sees another woman being felt up, confronts the guy molesting her but ends up becoming the target of the 2 men on board who quickly start molesting her.
She’s able to get off the bus but they follow her a restroom where they corner her and fuck her pretty good.
Definitely worth the watch if you like this kind of chikan themed JAV for sure .

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