Hope Harper and Sadie Holmes Family Therapy 2015 .

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Hope Harper and Sadie Holmes Family Therapy 2015 .

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Hope Harper and Sadie Holmes Family Therapy :

I love my parents I really do but I seriously despise my annoying older brother.
He is always picking on me and being an ass.
I swear he has a crush on me or something sometimes! Anyway!
Mom and dad decided to send us to “therapy”.
When they told us all I could think was yay now we have to go talk to some whack job about why we hate one another.
Great just what I want.
So yesterday Russell and I were at this “family therapy” appointment and the bitch snatched my phone out of my hand saying I needed to listen to her!
She was rambling on so I was ignoring her until she told my brother and I to take off our clothes.
We both looked at her like are you kidding but did it because she threatened to tell our parents if we didn’t.
Next thing I know I have my brothers cock in my mouth giving him head while this crazy therapist lady is holding my hair back!
Obviously I was into it I mean come on i’ve been fucking my dad for how long?!
I was so into it when Dr. Holmes or whatever her name was told us to start fucking I didn’t think twice.
I just got on my brothers cock and started riding it like a cowgirl!
Apparently Russell was enjoying himself to because his dumb ass came inside me!

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