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Grandpas Fuck Teens The Doctor Makes Housecalls 2015 .


Grandpas Fuck Teens The doctor makes housecalls 2015 .

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Faking sick sometimes comes with good surprises.
Since the district doctor makes house call, he travels from house to house checking on people to help them get better.
But what if not enough sex is the main complaint, and the patient can be treated right on the spot?
This caring doctor knows exactly how to make his young patient feel better in an instant!

Grandpas Fuck Teens The doctor makes housecalls Scene:

The doctor receives a call for a house call visit.
He examines the patient and could not find anything wrong with her.
As things start to heat up,he rubbed her pussy while they kissed,she starts to suck him off and he returned the favor by licking and eating her pussy.
As they progress to a 69 position and she kept moaning and cumming with pleasure.
She then mounts him and start to feel his BBC [ Big Black Cock ] stretching her white tight pussy to the Max.
Scene continues with more run of the mill, fucking positions and draws to and when he ejaculates his hot ,thick,black cum on her tongue and face.