Girls Way April ONeil, Jenna Sativa, Georgia Jones 12 Hours 2018 HD .


Girls Way April ONeil, Jenna Sativa, Georgia Jones 12 Hours 2018 HD .

April ONeil is at the office.
She pours herself a coffee; it’s going to be a long day and she’s gonna need the extra boost.
When she sits down, she instructs her employee, Alana Cruise, to begin her presentation.
When Alana starts her presentation, she notices someone sending her lewd photos of herself with another girl.
She freaks out and slams the screen on her laptop.
She apologizes for the interruption and discreetly opens her laptop again.
She writes to this person asking them what they want in return for their secrecy.
It’s clear she’s being blackmailed and doesn’t want her husband finding out about her affair.
When the meeting is adjourned, she leaves in a panic.
When she arrives home, she finds a note lying in front of her doorway.
It has instructions on what to wear that evening and how she’s being watched.
She walks into her home and her phone starts buzzing.
The text message indicates that she must sleep with two women tonight or her husband will find out everything.
With no idea on what to do, she picks up her phone and calls her friend Georgia Jones.
Unfortunately for April ONeil, Georgia doesn’t answer.
As she prepares for the evening, she realizes that she has no choice.
When her doorbell rings, she finds Georgia standing there in tears.
When April ONeil asks her where she’s been all day, Georgia explains that she’s been blackmailed too.
As the girls try to figure out who’s doing this to them, there’s a knock at the door, Jenna Sativa is standing there with a package in her hand.
She delivers it and tries to leave but receives a text message saying she has to dyke it out with the girls.
Georgia and April open the package to find a webcam.
It looks like the girls will be making a movie of their own tonight!
It takes some time to convince Jenna but eventually she realizes that she has no choice.
When they finish each other off, their phones are silent and the girls rejoice, believing that they’re off the hook…Or are they??

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Date: June 17, 2018

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