Fantasy Massage Khloe Kapri, My Sister, The Virgin porn .

Fantasy Massage Khloe Kapri, My Sister, The Virgin porn .

Khloe Kapri is lying on her bed, looking at her phone.
Hearing a knock and inviting the visitor in, Bambino , her step-brother enters.
He just wanted to see how shes settling in back home after her semester at college.
Inviting him to take a seat next to her on the bed, she tells him that shes happy to be home, but shes still super stressed out from her exams.
Bambino is sympathetic.
He offers to give her a shoulder rub.
But hes her brother, wouldnt that be totally weird?
Well, step-brother, he corrects her, but she knows he always tries to watch out for her and he can see shes stressed and wants to help.
As he rubs her shoulders, Khloe Kapri begins to relax a lot more, telling Bambino that his technique is amazing.
She never knew he had such strong hands.
Bambino takes the compliment, thanking her.
Since its getting really hot in the room, Khloe suggests that shell take her shirt off.
Bambino asks if that wouldnt feel a little strange for her.
Even though they arent actually related, its nothing he hasnt seen before, Khloe laughs, and peels off her top.
Bambino resumes massaging her. Her eyes closed, Khloe comments that Bambino has grown up so much since they last saw each other.

Fantasy Massage Khloe Kapri, My Sister, The Virgin porn .
Swallowing hard, he looks over her shoulder at her perky breasts.
You too, he stammers.
She asks him if he has a girlfriend.
He doesnt, does she have a boyfriend?
No, she doesnt.
In fact, shes still a virgin!
He is shocked.
How could someone like her be a virgin?!
Shes never even had a friend with benefits or anything like that?
No, she answers, the opportunity hasnt really presented itself.
And since shes so inexperienced, she probably wouldnt know what to do if it did.
Shes never even kissed a guy before. Bambino is shocked all over again. Never?!
Well, hell just have to teach her, if she wants.
After a few moments of hesitation, she agrees since hes her big brother and is just watching out for her.
They kiss, with Bambino guiding her through the kiss, though it gradually becomes more passionate and deep, with tongue.
Its getting a little too intense and they pull back from each other, both kind of shocked, but clearly turned on.
They both shake their heads at the same time.
Khloe Kapri comments on how nice the kiss was and asks her step-bro how she did.
He responds very positively and encouragingly.
Now that she knows the basics, he tells her that maybe he should show her something else.
Maybe he could touch her tits?
Kissing is one thing, but thats just too weird, she says.
Well, he says, he was just touching her shoulder before, isnt it the same thing, just touching a different part of her skin?
Well, if he thinks itll help help her get more experience, ok, she relents.
Bambino begins to feel her tits.
That feels really good, she comments.
As Bambino is feeling her tits, Khloe, increasingly into it and less inhibited, asks Bambino if he could touch her, yknow… down there.
Just so she would know what it feels like.
Its just another piece of skin, isnt it?
Its the same thing as touching her tits.
And since theyre not REALLY related, how bad could it be… He obliges and fingers her pussy, commenting on how tight and wet she is as she moans with pleasure.
Bambino then pulls back and encourages Khloe to get on her hands and knees to teach her how to do a blowjob.
Khloe, aroused from everything, doesnt hesitate.
Shes a quick learner and is fueled by his praise.
When it finally comes time to take Bambinos cock, shes eager to learn how to ride that, too!
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