Fake Driving School Satine Spark Ex learners arse spanked red raw 2018 .

Fake Driving School Satine Spark Ex learners

Fake Driving School Satine Spark Ex learners arse spanked red raw 2018 .

I was late for another lesson and speeding along when I saw my ex-student Satine Spark strolling alongside the road.
It had been a while since Satine had moved away with her boyfriend, so I offered her a lift so we could catch up.
Turns out things had not gone very well for Satine Spark , and she had broken up with her boyfriend.
She seemed distraught, so I made up a white lie about a family emergency so I could console her.
She told me she often thought of our previous lesson, and maybe wanted a refresher course…then she grabbed my dick!
She sure did have a lot of energy, shoving her tits in my face and then demanding for harder and harder spanks on her arse!
She even put her pussy in my face for a 69 while I was sitting in the front seat!
We picked up right where we left off and I fucked her hard, then creampied my former student.
Satine gives Ryan a blowjob in the car, they do a 69 and she rides him in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl.
Satine gets fucked in cowgirl, then doggy, sideways & missionary, with blowjob in between positions.
Scene ends with creampie.

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