EBOD 476 First Experience Sex NAOMI asian pornmovie 2017 HD .


EBOD 476 First Experience Sex NAOMI asian pornmovie 2017 HD .

Watch EBOD 476 First Experience Sex NAOMI a new asian pornmovie 2017 HD genre japanese , big natural tits , hard fuck .

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EBOD 476 the first scene the guy that vaguely resembles Toad from Super Mario Bros takes full advantage of his opportunity to fuck a chick 5 levels beyond his reach.

This goes on for about 15 minutes until she jerks him off.
She then goes for some post-game dick sucking, which turns out to be her signature move.
I also notice here that she has a tongue piercing.

EBOD 476 second scene they are in another room of what looks to be underfurnished repurposed loft.
She starts off by grinding on him as he sits on a chair.
This might have ended my night if I was in his position, but thats why he gets paid the big bucks.
He goes for some motorboating. Her hair is braided in a way that I’m a fan of.
After some light blowing, he moves to some titty fucking while she tries to rub one out because there’s no way that can be stimulating for any female.
He tit fucks her until he comes on her chest (I don’t know if this was an accident or if he could only afford the value meal, but that’s all he got) which interestingly runs down and pools in the recess at the base of her neck. never seen that before.
She tries to get hers, but he gets up and she gives him her signature post-cum-ultra-sensitive-penis-head BJ.
I don’t know about you but im usually too sensitive to enjoy that.

EBOD 476 third act begins with two neanderthal-ish looking guys groping the shit out of her as only japanese men ever do.
These guys must have wanted the super size combo but couldn’t afford it on their own so they decided to go halves.
They get to do everything you hope to do to a girl that looks like her.
She squirts a couple times.
They double team for brief spurts.
They really milk the experience until one guy finally comes on her tits and the second guy cums on her mouth.
To my surprise, she doesn’t perform her signature move.
She just lies there breathing heavily, probably second-guessing her life decisions.

EBOD 476 final act, otherwise known as the prestige, she pulls off her greatest feat by allowing herself to be molested by a middle aged convenience store clerk in what looks like the future boiler room of the building.
It randomly cuts to music video teaser interlude.
When they return to a bare mattress on the floor of an otherwise empty room (another curious JAV staple) he quickly proceeds to lick her armpits.
I love JAV but I really don’t understand some of this stuff.
Is he the president of the production company?
Did he win a draw?
Is he holding her dog hostage?
I’m going to see how it ends…yup she sucks his dick after he comes on her face.
This chick is a winner.
Enjoy .

Date: May 22, 2020

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