Desperate Pleasures Hope Harper White Christmas 2015 .


Desperate Pleasures Hope Harper White Christmas 2015 .

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[Desperate Pleasures] Hope Harper’s White Christmas {2015.12.08}

Forget Her Stocking.
She Just Wants Her Pussy Filled!
Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house,the whole fucking family was fucking my mouth.
With mommy not around and I don’t really care,daddy was fucking me and pulling my hair.
When out in the cold I heard such a clatter!
I got off dad’s cock to see what was the matter,and to what my cum covered eyes could appear,but a rusty old sleigh and eight fucking reindeer!
With a crazy old man beating his dick,I knew who was watching, it must be St. Nick.
He fumbled his cock and flew up high.
He cried onward you bastards or it’s another black eye!
Then down the chimney his old fat ass fell,he sat on the fire and let out a big yell!
While my brother was stuffing my stocking with his massive cock,dirty St. Nick stood there and watched!
My family bared witness then joined in the fun.
We all kept fucking until up came the sun!
I heard St. Nick say as he came on my face,Merry Christmas to all now on to the next place!
Apparently he had a MILF & cookies next door and he just had to have a taste!

Date: June 6, 2019

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