Defloration Shura Tambov Hardcore Anal defloration 2018 full HD .


Defloration Shura Tambov Hardcore Anal defloration 2018 full HD .

Hello, i am Shura Tambov from Vyatskoye village in Russia.

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You must have heard of my village.

It is one of the prettiest in the whole of Russia!
I love sitting by a hillock near a stream, watching tourists walking busily from one museum to another.
I sometimes help out my father who is a guide and sometimes I help my grandmother in her fields.
We are very poor and sometimes even my younger sisters have to work during the tourist season so that we have enough to eat in the off season .
Some tourists give me their clothes when they leave…such beautiful clothes.
I love to imagine what life would be like in the USA or even in St Petersburg.
I have just seen fur coats and would like to own one myself one day.
I would walk down our village in style after getting rich, with a cigarette in one hand and a fur clock on my shoulders…sigh!
Yesterday Shura Tambov did a photoshoot for
I could not believe my eyes when I got paid.
A lovely lady from Moscow had come for a visit and the local grocery store owner sent her to me.
I was thrilled. Felt like a movie star.
She spoke with my mother and told her that my fare to Moscow would be paid.
It was just a matter of a day.
I had already done a few advertisements locally and knew how to model.
She asked me whether I had turned 18 and was happy to know that I had my eighteenth birthday 3months ago.
She would give me some time in a beauty salon too before the shoot so that my face and hair could be freshened. I was in seventh heaven!!!
I haven’t done any major modeling assignments and love looking at the glamorous pictures from Italy and Paris in the magazines in the bookstall.
In fact, Pyotr, the local book stall owner shouts at me almost everyday for flipping through the glossy magazines.
“Keep your dirty hands off these or pay me for them”, he will shout.
I just grin and run away.
I have a crush on Pyotr and imagine that I will marry him one day and then I can look at these magazines all day.
I went alone to Moscow as it was not a very long trip and no one had the time to come with me.
I was given a hair treatment, facial and body massage and suddenly I was looking so glam.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. “You were always beautiful just the shine wasn’t there,” said the lady.
I love posing before the camera and had no hesitation in posing nude. I know my body is beautiful and love showing it off.
My teenage boobs were taunt with excitement and my virgin clit was aching when the camera starting rolling. It was the first time I touched myself in front of others and it was a very erotic experience.
Long time ago, my cousin Stella had given me another such experience. A tourist had taken Stella for a guide and she took me along. Stella was about nineteen at that time and quite worldly wise. After going around the museum, we went to the woman’s hotel. The lady told Stella that she wanted a massage and my cousin offered her services. When we entered the room, both of them forgot about me. The lady took off her clothes and lay on the bed. I was fascinated by her tits and the hair around her pussy. My cousin started her massage, which soon got very rigorous, I could see her fondling the tits and my own teenage boobs got aroused. As my cousin moved her hands low and gradually touched the pussy, she started moaning. It was the first time I saw a grown woman’s vagina. The lady pulled up her knees and arched her back as my cousin started rubbing faster and faster. I too could feel very strange sensations in my virgin pussy. Stella continued pulling at the nipples with one hand and massaging the pussy with another and the lady suddenly came with a shudder. She lay down quietly and I crept out slowly, trying to digest what I saw.
I learnt how to touch myself after that. I love the sensations of my body. Sometimes I watch video clips on my phone and imagine myself being touched by 2-3 men. This is my erotic fantasy. During my photo shoot, I totally enjoyed posing naked in front of the camera. I love people looking at me, my boobs, my naked teenage pussy. I thank for the experience. I believe I have a long way to go and this is the first step of my journey.
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Date: January 11, 2021

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