DANDY 201 Elly Akira Doesnt Know It Can Hurt 2017 HD .


DANDY 201 Elly Akira Doesnt Know It Can Hurt 2017 HD .

Watch now DANDY 201 Elly Akira Doesnt Know It Can Hurt a new porn 2017 HD genre asian , interracial sex , japanese .

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In America, they have a quick lunch and head to visit Rico.

It’s been about three years since they’ve seen each other.
Rico mentions how he remembers her, he’s a big fan of her squirting abilities.
Elly tells him that the reason she’s back in LA is to take some “mega-cock” inside her ass.
He’s reluctant, saying he’s too big and she’s too small.
They agree to give it a try after he fucks her regularly.
Rico bends her over to take a look at what he’s potentially gonna work with.
He spanks, kisses and licks her ass, giving it a little rimming.
After fingering it for a bit, the director asks if he thinks can now.
Rico still declines, saying that it’s perfect but he’s just too big for it and doesnt want to hurt her.
Elly is pretty disappointed, but Rico plans to make it up to her.
He fingers her for a while until Elly kneels down to get a better look at his cock.
She seems to have forgotten his size and becomes even more shocked when it grows even larger as she’s giving him a handjob.
She gives him a nice and noisy blowjob, working as much of this dick down her throat as she can.
He facefucks her throughout.
She gives him one final deepthroat before bending over to get her pussy fucked.
He fucks her hard and balls-deep in standing doggy and lays her down to do the same in missionary.
Scene goes on in various positions, deep and hard sex and, it goes without saying, lots of squirting.
The camera and the floor are visibly drenched at the end of the scene.
Rico creampies in her and Elly cleans his cock, sucking away any remaining drop.
After all of that, they ask him again if he’d give her anal, but he sadly declines again.
The downsides of having a mega-cock.
She thanks him anyway and the scene ends.

Date: May 21, 2020

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