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Cute And Curvy 2 Adult Movie 2015 Full HD .


Cute And Curvy 2 adult movie 2015 full HD .

Watch most new adult movie 2015 full HD version named Cute And Curvy 2 produced by DreamZone Entertainment studio , two hours of boobs, buns and curves .
Cute And Curvy 2 cast : Brooklyn Chase, Cassidy Banks, Jenna Ivory, Mercedes Carrera .

Scene 1 Cute And Curvy 2 :

The first curvy girl we are introduced to is Brooklyn chase a lovely brunette.
She is indeed lovely and has a beautiful smile.
We are first treated to a strip tease where we can learn all about what makes this girl so beautiful.
We cut to her with a partner, Her partner clearly wants to take his time learning Brooklyn’s beautiful curves for himself so we treated to yet another strip tease.
He also enjoys a bit of oral and worships Brooklyn’s pussy.
We move onto Brooklyn enjoying his cock through oral and then riding on it. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing curvaceous bum riding atop a cock.
They soon change positions a few times so we can see more of the way Brooklyn’s body responds under her partner’s cock.
I certainly did, but I also enjoyed Brooklyn’s smile to her partner as she enjoyed what her partner had to offer.
We end on a cumshot that brings back Brooklyn’s smile once more.

Scene 2 Cute And Curvy 2 :

Next we get to meet Cassidy Banks who looks luscious in red.
We are again treated to a strip tease before moving onto the sex.
She seems slightly demur but enjoys moving her body sharing her curves for us through her smile.
We soon move to Cassidy with her partner where we learn she isn’t demur at all but hungry for sex.
I love way she whispers to her partner naughty things like “You like these” referring to her boobs and “Is this for me?” referring to his cock.
Here after a partial strip we are treated to a bit of oral where her partner expertly guides her in exactly how he likes it.
This definitely shows that there is pleasure for both and isn’t that what being with someone is about?
Soon Cassidy is a top her partner and we get the pleasure of watching her bouncing boobs.
I love the way Cassidy can’t help touch herself as she rides his big cock showing her own pleasure.
Cassidy and her partner change position a few more times as their pleasure-fest continues.
The communication between the two create wonderful chemistry and enjoyment during the scene.
In the end Cassidy knows exactly where she wants his cum, all over her beautiful tits.
Its lovely to watch and then watch Cassidy rub it and gives us a knowing smile.