Chloe Foster, Alina Lopez A Friendly Shower lesbian sex 2018 HD .

Chloe Foster, Alina Lopez A Friendly Shower

Chloe Foster, Alina Lopez A Friendly Shower lesbian sex 2018 HD .

Alina Lopez and Chloe Foster just came back from the gym.
They had a great work out together and are planning to go out in the evening and paint the town red.
Chloe is about to go home and shower but Alina insists that she can just shower at her place.
If she needs a wardrobe she can just borrow some of her clothes since they’re the same size.
Chloe asks her if she’s sure but Alina insists that it’s totally fine it will make things easier.
When Chloe starts undressing, Alina can’t help but admire Chloe silky skin.
She undresses completely and jumps in the shower.
Alina Lopez starts taking off her clothes and says that perhaps they could save some time by showering in together.
Chloe protests saying she’ll only be a minute but it’s too late, Alina is already naked and joining her in the shower.
Alina Lopez takes the hand-held shower head away from Chloe and starts washing Chloe’s body.
She gets closer to her, smiles momentarily and starts kissing her.
Chloe hesitates but only for a moment as she reciprocates Alina’s advances.
The girls start making out passionately as they run each other’s hand on their respective bodies.
They grab each other’s asses as their tongues explore each other’s mouths.
Alina has Chloe sit down as she starts to play with her wet pussy making her cum in the process and by the looks of things, It looks like the girls won’t be going anywhere tonight!

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