Chloe 18 Public Pool Dressing Room Fuck and Facial 2018 HD .


Chloe 18 Public Pool Dressing Room Fuck and Facial 2018 HD .

Out of the pool and into the Dressing room…
Chloe 18 strikes a quick pose in her sexy wet bikini and then cums in and shuts the door to an occupied and already excited(understandably) .
Heavy breathing camera man.
Chloe 18 quickly looses her top exposing her exquisite and pierced nipple titties and goes to her knees and grabs her mans cock Which she expertly jacks off and starts sucking.
Tons of people talking in the background but with Chole on your cock I don’t think performance in a public setting would ever be much of an issue.
Really great eye contact from Chloe 18 in this clip, and holy fucking shit does she have some SEXY PLEASE FUCK ME eyes!
The panties cum off, quick spit on the fingers and rub of her hairless pussy…
And in goes his cock for some AMAZING Standup while facing the camera fucking.
Sum sexy as fuck dirty talk, position change to standing doggy then reverse cowgirl…
Some sexy finger biting and tit squeezing then back to standing doggie which Mr. Camera man now does vigorously which cause some pretty loud smacking sounds but at this point who fucking care who hears because I am going to fucking cum….
Which he does all over Chole’s gorgeous fucking face.
She sucks his cock just to make sure she gets every last drop of his hot spunk out of it.
She stands up to let the camera man take a full body survey of all the van damage, she then laughs and blows us a kiss goodbye.
Faptastic clip!

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Date: June 3, 2018

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