Canela Skin,Foxy Sanie The Return Of Fake Handyman


Canela Skin, Foxy Sanie The Return Of Fake Handyman 2018 HD.

Lesbian lovers Foxy Sanie and Canela Skin are making out in their apartment, and things are beginning to get hot and heavy.

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Canela Skin heads to the bathroom to run a bath, and while she waits, Foxy Sanie pulls out a strapon and starts to use the toy on her tight pussy.

Coming back in the room, beautiful milf Canela regretfully informs Foxy that the water isn’t working!
The ladies call a plumber, and Martin Gun, the Fake Handyman, answers the summons.
While Martin fixes the pipes, the lesbians can’t help but play some more.
Seeing two sexy ladies hooking up gives Martin a boner, so he joins the ladies to get a faceful of their tits.
The ladies then take turns bouncing their big asses up and down on his big dick!

Date: December 23, 2020

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