BFFs Side Chicks Xianna Hill, Sadie Blake & Alex Blake 2018 HD .


BFFs Side Chicks Xianna Hill, Sadie Blake & Alex Blake 2018 HD .

Our boy Kyle was packing for his vacation until three rowdy chicks barged through his door.

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One of them was his ebony girlfriend Xianna Hill, and the other two were his side chicks Alex Blake and Sadie Blake.

All three of them were pissed that they were getting played.
They thought their relationships were real and monogamous!
Kyle was going to have to pick who he really wanted to be with.
The girls tried to help him decide by having a good old fashioned fuck and suck off!
Sadie went first and made his cock feel amazing but barely made him ready to cum.
Next came Xianna who was more sensual and edged him quite a few times throughout her run.
Alex was the last up, and she also did a great job at pleasing him, but at this point the girls figured that they would have to work together to really make their guy orgasm.
Three heads were way better than one, and so were three pussies!
They all shared his huge load and realized that maybe this dude was man enough for three hot chicks!
We could definitely steal a page out of this guys book
They start out with blowjob one by one before they all comes together to fuck him in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy style.
It ends with Kyle giving the three girls a monster load on their faces.

Date: November 12, 2020

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