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Bang Bus Alexis Ubus Driving Service Adult Movie 2016 Full HD


Bang Bus Alexis Ubus Driving Service adult movie 2016 full HD

Watch now Bang Bus Alexis Ubus Driving Service a very good adult movie 2016 version full HD with most sexy brunette teen ho is fucked very hard to a bus by a very big dick boy and filmed .
Its a gosh darn miracle boys, JESUS CAME UP WITH A PLAN. No, not that Jesus, our up to no good driver was able to swipe his brothers telephone, who happens to be a driver for a company that we can’t mention. Lets just say its an app that gives you rides.

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So we impersonated a U**r driver and picked up this sexy tourist named Alexis. She was hesitant at first but after giving her the documentary story, and offering her a small discount on the ride she accepted the deal, hook line and sinker. We had Peter on the bus pretending to be another customer, this dumb broad fell for it quick. Shit escalated quickly after some more deals were offered her tits were out in the open and she had her mouth full of meat. Things got wild after that, she got pounded hard we left her dumb ass stranded. I like this plan, you guys might see it again.
Bang Bus scene from BangBros starring Alexis and Peter Green. The scene begins with the usual Bang Bus shenanigans, which is guys joking around. They pick up Alexis and ask her some questions. The action begins with Alexis taking her top off and giving Peter a blowjob. She then spreads her legs wide open and gets fucked in the missionary position. Alexis the gets piledriven in what little space there is in the Bang Bus. She then gets fucked reverse cowgirl on the floor of the vehicle before she rides Peter’s cock cowgirl style. She then gets fucked doggy style befor sucking cock one last time. Peter then jacks off and blows his load on Alexis’ face.
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