Asian Strip Mall Massage 2 new pornmovie 2016 full HD


Asian Strip Mall Massage 2 new pornmovie 2016 full HD

Watch now a very good new pornmovie 2016 full HD 1080p named Asian Strip Mall Massage 2 , genre asian massage porn uncensored .
Asian Strip Mall Massage 2 Cast: Maya Mona, Kimberly Chi, Loni Legend, Saya Song, Marcus London, Anthony Rosano .
This is a nicely shot Asian massage fetish movie .
Featuring some very sexy models in highly stokable situations.

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Asian Strip Mall Massage 2 Scene One: Maya Mona

The porn movie starts with wonderful full bodied and very cute Maya Mona telling her customer that a full body massage (with release) costs $100 extra, which he happily agrees to.
She starts with a standard massage, rubbing his back and shoulders before reaching up under his towel and rubbing his ass and balls.
He flips over and she starts rubbing oil on his cock.
She marvels in sweet broken English how big it’s getting.
She rubs and tugs at his cock, concentrating on the head and balls.
Wonderfully shot handjob sequence here before she climbs on top of him and slides his cock up her pussy.
Her very cute broken English is so sexy as she rides his dick, complimenting his size and how good it makes her pussy feel as it moves in and out.
She bounces and rides him until she squirts on his dick.
She climbs off with her pussy dripping on his cock and sucks her juices off.
She looks up at the camera as she licks and sucks her cum off knowing you wish this was you.
She sucks and deep throats him until climbing back on and riding him again, this time in reverse.
He’s able to feel and grab her grogeous ass as she grinds up and down on his cock.
The cock hardening site of her bucking her ass on his cock is mind blowing.
She arches her back making her perfect tits stand out, and moans as makes her squirt again.
They go into a 69 and he licks her dripping pussy as she gags on his cock.
The intense look on her face as he makes her cum again is such a beautiful site.
She flips over and he starts fucking her missionary.
They fuck like this, giving her multiple orgasms, until she crouches down and he shoots his cum in her mouth, her beautiful opal skin glistening from all of the glorious fucking she’s just endured.
You don’t have to have a fetish for Asian women to appreciate this porn movie .
For the most part the performances are great with a lot of electricity and energy.
Except for scene three, my least favorite scene solely because of Anthony Rosano, the sex is absolutely blistering with some expert camera work from Jim Powers.
He has a great pace and timing, not overdoing his closeups and capturing all the best positions in every scene.
I don’t have any reservations in Highly Recommending this pornmovie .

Date: December 10, 2016

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