The Art of Lesbian Anal Surprise DP 2017 full HD 1080p .


The Art of Lesbian Anal Surprise DP 2017 full HD 1080p .

Watch now The Art of Lesbian Anal Surprise DP a very new porn movie 2017 full HD 1080p genre lesbian , strapon sex .
Thoughtful Chanel Preston goes all out for her wife’s Serena Blair’s birthday, treating her to a gift of two strapons.
When Serena asks why they need two strapons, Chanel reveals a special treat.
She knows that Serena has a crush on Valentina Nappi, so she arranged a surprise threesome with Valentina.
The erotic Italian shows up, like good friends do, in an deep V neck bodysuit, braless and hungry for sex.
Serena looks to for Chanel for permission before she fondles Valentina’s amazing boobs.

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Chanel and Valentina take off Serena’s top and suckle her nipples with sensual kisses, engaging in titillating boob play, while they warm up each other’s pussies with delicate petting.
Chanel gets naked and strokes Serena’s thigh while Valentina eats the birthday girl’s wet pussy.
When Valentina comes up for air, Chanel goes down on Serena’s pussy, while Valentina rides Serena’s face with her tits on display, shaking her tight booty in the air.
Serena and Valentina 69 while Chanel fingers her wife’s pussy.
Then, Chanel cums on Serena’s face, while Valentina tribs Serena vigorously.
After they orgasm, Valentina puts on the strapon.
And while Serena licks her wife Chanel’s pussy, Valentina jabs Serena’s pussy with the strapon and fucks her until she cums.
Then Chanel gets into her strapon and slowly inserts it into Serena’s ass.
Valentina rubs Serena’s clit as Chanel penetrates her ass with the strapon.
Serena buries her face in Valentina’s booty, rimming her guest lover’s ass, and moaning with pleasure from the anal fucking.
The birthday girl lowers her pussy onto Chanel’s strapon and prepares for double penetration!
Serena fucks Chanel’s strapon in her pussy, while Valentina fucks her ass from behind.
They keep on double teaming Serena till her creamy pussy cums so hard she blows out all her candles!

Date: February 29, 2020

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