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Anal Sex Guide Everything You Need To Know .


Why does anal sex appeal to some women and how do they orgasm from it?
Well, believe me, there’s an answer!
I just want to point out here that anal sex isn’t for every girl and for some women it will never be an option.
Make sure that she wants to have anal sex with you if you are ever going to try it.
I’d recommend bringing it up playfully to see how she responds and go from there.
Bringing up anal sex can be a kind of sensitive topic for some women and some even get quite offended when you ask, so tread carefully!
If she is up for it, here’s what you should know.
Sex is 10% physical and 90% in the mind.
We’ve established this.
So now we apply it.
This explains perfectly why some women love ass fuck and can have amazing orgasms from it!
Sometimes anal sex brings out a girl’s dirty fantasies which makes it very exciting for her.
For a lot of women, it’s the curiosity that gets her going.
For others, the excitement comes from the whole idea that anal sex is forbidden and shouldn’t be done.

In a lot of cultures and religions anal sex is even banned – it was punishable by law in a lot of countries and still is today in some!

But whether you agree with this or not, it doesn’t really matter right now.
Assumingly you’re ok with the idea of it considering you’ve come this far.
If you are going to have anal sex with your partner, keep all this in mind.
She isn’t biologically equipped to have an orgasm this way, but it’s very possible if you target her fantasies, curiosity and emotional stimulation.
You might find it helps to stimulate other parts of her body too like playing with her clit, boobs and spanking.
It’s not just about the act either!
Just having anal sex out of the blue probably won’t be all you imagine and hope it will be – you need to put in some graft work first.
Again, you need to make sure there is trust between you and that she is comfortable with the idea.
The best way to do this, in my experience, is to cater to her curiosity and nature.
Try and appeal to her adventurous and naughty side.
It might take a while, but she will hopefully come around to the idea.
If she doesn’t, don’t force it.
Like I said, a lot of women will never be interested in anal sex and if you persist to nag her then you are simply going to kill the vibes between you both! And you don’t want that to happen.
You’re going to want to have hygiene in mind too, by the way.
As you can imagine, anal sex isn’t the most hygienic thing you can do sexually.
You need to understand this when it comes to anal sex, and you need to make sure she does too.
Otherwise hygiene alone could put you both off anal sex for life!
Anal Sex Guide Everything You Need to Know .
Or at least a long while.
This isn’t going to be the nicest part to read, especially because it’s not what you want to see when you’re thinking about sex, but it needs to be done so keep with me!
You want to make sure that she has evacuated her bowels a few hours before you try anal.
She’s never going to be completely clean on the inside, but it’s a good place to start.
You also want to make sure that her movement is firm and solid, not running too thin.
This is usually all that most couples do when they have anal sex because it seems reasonable, but I would recommend going the extra mile to make sure she is clean.
You can invest products designed to clean out faecal matter from the anus.
Just make sure she uses it a little while after her bowel movement.
Also, you will probably want to use a condom to be extra safe.
There is always going to be some bacteria in the anus and the area is also prone to tearing so this can help!
It can also help to avoid STDs too so my strong advice to you would be to use a condom!
Don’t try anal sex otherwise.
Then, you should be good to go!
If she has come around to the idea, you have one goal.
Make. It. Great.
Sure, she might be open to the idea, but if she hates it then she’s probably NEVER going to let you do it again.
And I mean never.
You want to start by, as you can imagine, making sure she is turned on and hot.
You might want to try role play or targeting her fantasies to make sure she really is emotionally ready for this experience.
Make her feel naughty and curious.
I’m sure you know that lube is virtually a MUST if you want to have anal sex.
It really is so much tighter than the pussy , and you might not even be able to get it in if you don’t have some good lube.
It isn’t expensive so make the effort.
Remember, if she hates it then it will never happen again so be prepared when the time comes.

Anal Sex Guide Everything You Need to Know .
Some people use butt plugs to make it more comfortable especially the first time.
This kind of depends on what she is open to doing, but if she likes the idea then she should use one for a couple of hours before.
I’m sure I don’t need to warn you that anal sex is going to be painful for BOTH of you if you don’t at least use lube.
So, your girl is as clean as a whistle and ready for anal.
But please, don’t ever assume that anal sex is the same as pussy sex because it’s not.
You can’t just do what you’ve done so far here because it’s a different experience completely.
If you’re assuming it’s anything like what you might have seen in porn movie or other pornography, just take a step back and listen up.
You have to take it slow, especially if it’s the girl’s first time having anal sex.
Communicate with her – she is nervous!
Especially when she can feel it just outside and touching her bum.
Put a lot of lube up, down and around your cock , and also on her anus!
This is important. You might find that you need to add more lube while you’re putting it in or after you’ve started having sex – there is always more lube!

You’ll find that a lot of the lube gets pushed back down your shaft when you put it in so make a real effort to remember to lube her up too!

Anal Sex Guide Everything You Need to Know .
When you are penetrating her, start slowly.
Let her know that your cock is there and you’re about to start putting it in.
Be responsive to how she acts.
If she looks like she’s in too much pain then slowdown of stop for a second.
Ask her.
Talk to her and keep up the communication.
She might be expecting some pain, but there’s a difference between that and avoidable, unnecessary pain.
Just make sure she is enjoying the experience.
Once you are in, don’t suddenly think, ‘right I’m in now and the hard part is over so I can just go for it’.
Wrong. Keep it slow for the first few minutes.
It will take this time for her to get used to it inside her and for her to open up inside.
Make sure that she is still engaged in the act and not just taking it.
Keep things sexy and passionate.
Grope her or kiss her – just let her know that you are there.
You want this to be intimate and not just some hard sex.
Remember you are exploring her fantasies, but you want her to be comfortable too!

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