All Girl Massage Masseuse Kasey Warner makes her Tara cum 2018 HD .


All Girl Massage Masseuse Kasey Warner makes her Tara cum 2018 HD .

Watch now AllGirlMassage Tara Ashley & Kasey Warner Masseuse Kasey makes her Tara cum a new porn 2018 HD genre lesbian .
Kasey Warner is at work arguing with her boyfriend again.
When he has the nerve to claim that she’s boring in bed, Kasey has had it.
She’s had so many opportunities to sleep with so many people but never did out of loyalty to her man.
She breaks up with him and hangs up the phone.
Her next client, Tara Ashley, walked in mid-conversation and unfortunately heard some of the argument.
She apologizes and asks if Kasey needs more time.
Kasey tells her to come in and not worry about it, she’s fine.
She promised her now ex-boyfriend that she could fuck the next person she sees and since Tara is smoking hot, she’s going to enjoy this challenge.
She asks her to get undressed as she watches her with a big smile on her face.
When Tara goes to lie down, Kasey asks her to take off her panties, Tara tells her that she feels more comfortable keeping them on.
She lies down and Kasey starts massaging her. When she starts applying the oil, she pours it all over her body, hitting her panties in the process.
She apologizes, but the truth is she did it on purpose and before Tara has time to protest, Kasey has removed her panties.
She is supposed to be massaging her back but can’t keep her hands off her ass.
Tara tells her she feels awkward and Kasey suggests she turn around and lie on her back.
When Kasey starts rubbing her hands on her tits, Tara reacts immediately, asking if that’s appropriate.
But Kasey isn’t giving up and when she plays with her pussy enough, Tara eases into it and starts enjoying herself.
Kasey Warner gives Tara a massage. She rubs Tara’s pussy before eating Tara out.
She sits on Tara’s face as Tara licks her from below.
They kiss.
They rub each other’s pussies.
Kasey makes Tara squirt.

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Date: May 8, 2018

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