14-Day Guide for a Good Sexual Life-Day 6-9

We continue today with the 14-Day Guide for a Good Sexual Life on the Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Days.

14 Day Guideline for a Good Sexual Life Day 6

Go to the gym.

14-Day Guide for a Good Sexual Life-Day 6-9

Taking a session at the gym, you can stimulate endorphins.
It can also help with male excitement problems that are quite common.
Inactive men have up to 60% more chances to suffer erectile dysfunction, so try to get your partner to come with you and invest in a routine exercise.
Research has also shown that couples feel more attractive one after another after exercises and increased sexual arousal.
It also helps relieve stress – a common reason why people do not feel they have sex or show physical affection for their partners.

Checking the plan.

You are now in the middle of the plan and it is time to check what you have done so far.
Be sure to keep your bedroom an oasis for sex and without shaking.
Make sure you say goodbye with a passionate kiss.
Refresh in the morning and continue to talk every night.
Keep Plan Account.

14 Day Guide for a Good Sexual Life Day 7

Take a day of rest.

Most people spend their free days doing business or doing other people’s commissions, but you need a day off!
Turn your phone off and spend the whole day with you or your partner.
Stay wide and relax.
Do not do anything else.

14 Day Guideline for a Good Sexual Life Day 8

Exploring yourself: Talking to your partner.

Continue to discover your own body.
People who frequently explore their own bodies have more satisfactory and consistent orgasms.
Tell your partner what you have learned and listen to what he has learned.
This time, chat is longer than usual.
Sometimes big sex needs to be taught.
Everyone is different and your partner needs to know what you like and what you do not.

Explore your fantasies.

Remember when you spoke about your partner about trying new things in the bedroom?
Remember sexy discussions?
Well, now is your chance to act.
Bring the conversation back to a more serious note.
Be excited to try something new together.

14 Day Guideline for a Good Sexual Life Day 9

Take a day off.

Taking a vacation can relieve all the stress in your life.
Sometimes you need an escape.
And the best thing is that they should not be exotic anywhere.
Even a night in the hotel can help couples feel like a real vacation.
And what’s up?
“Holiday Sex” is the ideal way to get that spark back to the relationship.

Find fantasy.

This is the evening.
Live your fantasy.
It does not always have to be crazy and there, but it can be if that’s what you want.
Perhaps you wanted to try to play roles in the new sex game?
Take your chance now and see the results in the morning.
Make sure you are the initiator of the fantasy.
This makes your partner more comfortable in this way and you will feel more natural.
Whether you are at home or spending the weekend away, take full advantage of your time today.
This article about good sex life is the sequel to 14 Day Guide for a Good Sex Life-Day 4 and 5.

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