14 Day Guide for a Good Sex Life-Day 4 and 5.

Further on in this guide for a better sex life, we continue with day four and fifth.

14 Day Guideline for a Good Sex Life Day 4

Take time to be alone.

Ironically, re-establishing a sexual relationship with your partner could mean spending your time alone!
Self-esteem is an important element of confidence in the bedroom and is an essential element for having extraordinary sex.
You have to be comfortable with yourself, so spend time with yourself.
Go around the naked house, look at your body in the mirror when you dress, explore your body and rediscover what feels good.
Think in shower and bed – learn more about yourself.
There is nothing to be ashamed of.

14-Day Guide for a Sextate Sex Life.

Sexting is a popular way to keep the fire burning in a relationship.
Having an interesting conversation when your partner does not think of you – makes him be with you and your sexual life will be rewarded when he is finally with you.
You may even find that you are more comfortable talking dirty over text than in person!

Focus on prelude.

The intercept should not always be the end result of partying under the blanket with the partner.
Spend time to feel better than to climb.
Foreplay is not dead.
Use oil and feathers, be sensual.
Massage and explore each other.
You will feel more connected after a sensual session touching a few times a week instead of just having sex.

14-Day Guide for a Good Sex Life-Exercise.

Healthy people have better sex. Period. Those who are physically active enjoy more sex and want to have more sex. Your self-esteem will climb as soon as you start an exercise regime, even if it’s only 30 minutes a day. Your partner will be grateful for this too!

14-Day Guide to a Good Sex Life-Day 5

You’re enjoying yourself.
Some people think masturbation is “taboo” or something that should be ashamed.
Do not be.
Masturbation is normal and is more common than people recognize.
Some sex therapists will recommend masturbation for 10 minutes a day several times a week.
The 10 million clitoris nerves have one function to make you feel good.
Masturbation increases libido, so take time for it!
Perhaps you could experiment with a new vibrator or another sex toy, or maybe you will not need it at all.
Whatever works for you

Try yoga.

14 Day Guide for a Good Sexual Life-Day 4 and 5.

Yoga has become more and more popular in the main market, and for good reason.
Yoga can maintain awareness, flexibility, and circulation – all things that are good for a healthy sex life. Even if you are new, start slowly and learn the basics.
There might even be a hobby.
You can even try to see if your partner wants to join and try it with you.

Date night.

Date night is brilliant.
They help people reconnect, diminish the stress they have accumulated during the week and increase the attraction.
Once it does not have to be extremely expensive or extraordinary, just spend quality time together.
Put something in planning.
Can you spend the night going to the restaurant where you went to the first meeting?
Or maybe you want to try something completely new?
This can help you build new relationships with your partner – new experiences release chemicals like dopamine and make you feel as if you’ve begun to meet.
You may want to re-plan the nights of each other – to show each other how much you are interested in.
Talk about it with your partner.

This article is the sequel to the previous day entitled 14 Day Guide for a Good Sexual Life – Day 2 and Day 3.
Next, we look forward to discovering what we have to do for a better sex life.

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